Tuesday, 31 December 2013

'The Hobbit - The Desolation of Smaug' review

It's that time of the year again!

Where we gather away from the winds, the rain and (sometimes) the snow, into the dark and warm cinema to see if our old friend Petey Jacko can possibly justify adapting a short children's book into a three part, nine hour fantasy epic.

Does he do it? Does he make you generate love and caring for a bunch of Dwarves who are, inarguably, thick as pigshit? There's only one way to find out and that's by clicking on this here link -

'The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug' Review

Happy new year from the WHINECAST boys! Many thanks for your continued listening, we are incredibly grateful and, remember, if you ever have any comments, questions or come ons you want to direct our way, we can be found on twitter at @billowl and @ChrisSykes108 .

Saturday, 28 December 2013

The Marvel Vs DC movie mash-up - 'Batman Returns' commentary

Body parts in a sewer? Deformed man leering at young women? Sexy death wish suicide kisses?

Yes, nothing says Christmas like Timmy Burton's second and final entry in the Batman franchise - 'Batman Cum Back'. It's a film that's GOFFIK as all buggery, that's bleak, that's bizarrely humour ridden and one that seems to divide fans from being a classic to being a complete occupation of Gotham by the forces of Timmy B's fevered black dreams - So which is it?

There's only one way to find out and it's to listen to this here commentary and reflect that, no matter how bad your Christmas is going, Selena Kyle's is going worse.

'Batman Returns' Commentary

WARNING - This film may be Tim Burton's pure MEGA LOLZ!!!

Doctor Who - 'The Time of the Doctor' review

It's here.

It's time.

It's up!

After much fanfare, much waiting, much nostalgia, we're finally at the 2013 Christmas special and saying goodbye to the wonderful talented Matt Smith. The young playa had big converse to fill in the wake of Davey Tennant and boy, he didn't flinch for a second, taking on the role wholeheartedly and throwing himself into an entirely different interpretation which won the hearts of the young and old alike!

But now it's time to say goodbye to the raggedy man and, additionally, tie up several lingering plot threads that have ran throughout Matty Smitt's increasingly convoluted tenure. Does Moffat do it? Does Smith get the send off he deserves? Can Jenna Coleman get any cuter?

Find out the answers to these questions and many more in the WHINECAST review!

'The Time of The Doctor' Review

WARNING - this episode may make you wonder if you like your TARDIS fried in a pan or dunked and battered

Thursday, 19 December 2013

WHINECAST - Doctor Who - 'The Eleventh Hour' commentary

It's Christmas!

You can't have failed to notice because of all the Christmas stuff everywhere! Now,we all know that an integral aspect of the Christmas experience is the 'Doctor Who' special and this year is even more special than most, as we're saying goodbye to the wonderfully talented Matty Smith, who's moving on to pastures vague.

It's hard to believe it's four years since Smitty first donned the bow tie, but here we are, on the verge of a new Doctor and a new direction for the show. So, we at WHINECAST decided to give Smitty the send off he deserves by sitting down and recording a commentary for his very first episode 'The Eleventh Hour'!

So, step back in time to 2010 and prepare to be introduced to a new production team, a new showrunner, a new companion and, of course, a new doctor!

'The Eleventh Hour' Commentary

We salute you, Matty Smith, you achieved the impossible and convinced an entire generation that bow ties truly are cool!

Monday, 16 December 2013

Twelve Months of Terror - 'Silent Night, Deadly Night' review

It's the most wonderful time of the year - for MURDER!

Yep, we're unbelievably in December and, for goatsinthemachine.wordpress.com 's brainchild 'Twelve Months of Terror', it means it's finally the end of the road, the culmination of a project which has lasted a completely indefinable period of time! This month, we're looking at the controversial little slasher 'Silent Night, Deadly Night' and we'll be asking such questions as does the film deserve its controversial reputation, have you ever killed a person in general or at christmas time, and is it ever justifiable to pistol whip a nun?

Don't forget that WHINECAST will be deploying its final, year late entry in the project, 'New Year's Evil' sometime in January, but in the meantime let's ride our sleighs straight into the very mouth of hell!

'Silent Night, Deadly Night' Review

WARNING - This film may make you root for a nun's death (hopefully) more than you ever have before

Friday, 13 December 2013

Audio on SHIELD #10- 'The Bridge'

Hello there!

Welcome to this week' s edition of Audio on SHIELD! This time, it's a watershed episode as we at WHINECAST reach the end of our ten week commitment and have to make the difficult decision about whether or not to continue the show -WHICH way do we fall, you ask?

Well, there's only one way to find out and that's to listen in to our blistering discussion in which we cover kidnappings, sick burns, sixth degree burns and also our old friend Peter Ecclestone!

Punch it!

'The Bridge' Review

WARNING - This episode may feature bombs, both of the literal and truth variety

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The Marvel Vs DC movie mash-up- 'Batman' Commentary

Holy December, Listeners!

After two months of flying high with the Man of Steel, it's time to sink down into the depths of the night, as we finally get ready to spend a couple of months with the world's greatest detective, the most stable man in town, the Dark Knight himself -yes, THE BAT MAN.

So, kicking off our time with the Bat, we have our Tim Burton month (appropriately December), beginning with 1989's 'Batman', starring the delightful Michael Keaton, a man many feared was going to take the caped crusader in a distinctly comical direction - but who's laughing now, eh?

So, sit back in your leather chair, turn off the lights and await for the bat signal to illuminate your brooding visage - it's time!

'Batman' Commentary

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Audio on SHIELD #9 - 'Repairs'

Is your plane knackered? Sounds like you need REPAIRS.

Is your heart bollocksed? Sounds like you need REPAIRS.

Do you want to listen to a review of the new SHIELD? Then it'll be on REPAIRS.

Yep, we're back with our review of episode 9 of the hit TV shown 'Martin's Asians of SHIELD' and this week, we finally delve into the murky (or entirely reasonable) past of Agent May, pulling back the curtain to see just what hideous monsters lie beneath.

Dare you join us?

'Repairs' Review

WARNING - This episode may feature more pranks than wanks

Saturday, 30 November 2013

The Marvel Vs DC movie mash-up - 'Superman IV - The Quest for Peace'

And so!

Here we are, finally at the end of our Christopher Reeve journey! We've had good films, we've had bad films, we've had Dick Donner, we've had Dickhead Lester (allegedly) - but now, we reach the end, with what some might term the jewel in the Superman crown!

It's a film notorious, but does 'Quest for Peace' deserve its negative reputation? Is there, like Darth Vader, good within it? There's only one way to be sure and that's to tune in to the newest entry in the Marvel Vs DC movie mash-up!

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Audio on SHIELD #8 - 'The Well'

Well, well, well!

Delayed once again due to some spicy Doctor Who action this weekend, we finally manage to slide under the falling door to deliver our review of episode eight of 'Agents of SHIELD', entitled 'The Well'.

But what delights shall we find down there? Will it be superpowered activists? Mentally unravelling clone men?! An unexpected and unexpectedly natural booty call? Perhaps all this AND more - in this week's 'Audio on SHIELD'!

'The Well' Review

WARNING - This episode may be the straw that breaks the camel's back

Friday, 22 November 2013


It's here! It's up! It's on!

After months of waiting, of bed wetting anticipation, the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special has finally arrived and by golly, we've busted our bits to bring you our thoughts on this epic episode ASAP!

It's an episode of huge scale, that redefines both the past and future of the Doctor - but was the episode a success? Listen in as we argue, shout, laugh, play, wee and cry as we discuss the biggest day in the Doctor's life since he misplaced Amy and Rory!

'The Day of The Doctor' Review

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Twelve Months of Terror - 'ThanksKilling' review

It's the time of year where, regardless of what country you're from, your nationality, your race, we all get together to contemplate what we're thankful for. Is it your health? Is it your collection of Victorian pornography? Is it for films such as ThanksKilling? No. No, it's not. Join us for this month's 'Twelve Months of Terror' as we sit ourselves down and encounter a low budget comedy horror that will leave us utterly devastated...and not in a good way. 'ThanksKilling' Review

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Audio on SHIELD #7 'The Hub'

Howdy, marvellous Marvel fans! We at WHINECAST were held back from recording for SHIELD this past weekend, so sadly weren't able to review 'The Hub' on the night - but like the stallions we are, we're pushing ahead and bringing you a little mid-week treat of a review! So, put the dog out, shut the kids in the basement, light your pipe, turn off the gas, pump up the jam and get ready to find out what lies within 'The Hub', Bub! 'The Hub' Review WARNING - This episode may feature May feature May feature May feature May feature May feature May.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

The Marvel Vs DC movie mash-up: 'Superman III'

Hallo there, mash-up friends! It can't have escaped your attention that it's November, which clearly makes it the second half of our Christopher Reeve extravaganza - this time the focus being on the decidedly...mixed 'Superman III'. This entry sees our 'old friend' and alleged dickhead Richard Lester taking the franchise reigns with undeserved confidence and delivering a film which is enough to cow even the most stout hearted of cinematic warriors. So, buckle up, turn off the gas and unfurl your pipes - it's time to get serious. 'Superman III' WARNING: This film may rank alongside such hits as 'The Terminator' and 'The Matrix' when it comes to cinema causing viewers to tremble in fear at the thought of the inevitable and brutal mechanical revolution that awaits us all.

Monday, 11 November 2013

The Lost Rewatch Podcast #116 - 'The End'


This is it. We are finally here. After more than two years of analysis, laughter, criticism, surrealism, love, hate and all the other things, we find ourselves at the end of the Lost Rewatch Podcast.

It has been one hell of a journey, one that we embarked upon with optimistic naivety and one which we pulled ourselves through with sheer grit, determination and, of course, an overriding love for Lost, in both sickness AND in health!

So, join us for our final episode in which we get to the bottom of the island, the Man in Black, the destiny of our fateful group of castaways and, most controversially, the take away from the show that lead many to forsake the prior six years of drama that they had watched - the flash sideways. Listen in as we deliver our closing arguments on a show which has been fantastic, has been terrible, that has made our blood boil - but that had always made us care enough about it to get angry in the first place. Will our final assessment be damning? Celebratory? Defensive? Scathing?

There's only one way to find out and that's to hit play on this motherhubbard of a podcast!

'The End' Commentary

All that's left to say is that both of us are beyond grateful for all of those who have stuck with us through this crazy, misguided, fun as hell journey. It's been an incredible experience for us and one that's changed our views on TV, podcasts and hell, so much more! Extra special thanks go out to those lovely listeners who've engaged with us on twitter, patiently correcting us when we got something wrong and laughing with us when some of our verbal diarrhea came out funny.

Thank you so very much for joining us, we hope you've enjoyed the experience half as much as we have, because when everything's said and done, we've had the time of our lives


Saturday, 9 November 2013

WHINECAST - 'Gravity' review

So, after much pomp and splendour, rave reviews and an enthusiastic box office reception in the US, Gravity finally makes it's way to the shore of the UK, but can it possibly be as good as all the hype suggests?

Join WHINECAST for our half hour, spoiler free review of the film, followed by our second half where we throw ourselves into those filthy spoilers. Expect discussions about visual splendour, the future prospects of 3D and whether or not going into space would make you soil yourself!

'Gravity' Review

WARNING - There may be a surprising absence of references to Sandra Bullock's short shorts throughout this podcast.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Audio on SHIELD #6 - 'F.Z.Z.T'

Oh, hi there!

After a week's hiatus, 'Audio on SHELIA' is BACK, coincidentally at the same time as the show 'Agents of SHIELD' returns to our airwaves. Imagine! This week we're getting up close and personal with our good friends Fitz and Simmons and trying to work out whether they've got anything hidden up their sleeves aside from bags and bags of comedy.

Will Simmons survive her cold? Will Coulson realise he's a hologram? Will Fitz make Skye a mix-tape? Tune in to find out!

'F.Z.Z.T' Review

Monday, 4 November 2013

The Lost Rewatch Podcast #115 'What They Died For'

It's staggering to think, but we are finally, no jokes, at the penultimate episode of this entire journey. It's been the very longest of roads to get here, but we have one last intake of breath before the storm unleashes in our final episode, so sit yourself down by the campfire and let young Jacob causally snack on his Dairylea Dunker (TM) as he tells you all about chalk, walls and how they sometimes interact!

'What They Died For' Commentary

WARNING - Please be aware than when attending the concert, in addition to presenting your ticket, you will be expects to receive a full cavity search from Eloise Widmore. Additionally, those with sensitive ears should near in mind that it will be WALT on drums and he has a tendency to just smack them as hard as possible, so please consider bringing earplugs.

WHINECAST - 'Thor - The Dark World' Review


Well, here at WHINECAST, things have been rather Marvel heavy at the moment and Lordy lord, things are getting heavier this week with the release of Thor 2, smashing its way into cinemas like the god of thunder himself!

Tune in as we have our regular twenty minutes of spoiler free chat telling you whether or not to take a punt on this latest Marvel offering and then revel in our spoilerific chat in which we discuss the surprising but welcome love scene between Loki and Selvik!

'Thor- The Dark World' Review

WARNING - Everything that you see in this film will be, in one way or another, very, very pretty.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Twelve Months of Terror - 'Pumpkinhead' review

It's that time of the year when we all like to wallow in terror, in unbridled, unrelenting horror of the highest order. Of hunting witches, burning werewolves and decapitating pixies.

But for those of us taking part in @rjbayley 's gore-tastic 'TWELVE MONTHS OF TERROR' project, it's ALWAYS that time of year! So, prepare to once again head into the wilderness with a bunch of 25 year old teenagers (when SHALL they learn?!?) as we sit down to review the tale of a man, his boy, their dog and, of course, their giant, malicious revenge monster!

'Pumpkinhead' Review

WARNING - This Halloween special may provide thrills, chills and automobiles (well, Bikes).

Monday, 28 October 2013

The Lost Rewatch Podcast #114 - 'Across the Sea'

Ladies and gentlemen, it's been a long and winding road to get here, but I think it's fair to say that we're now truly, undeniably in the end game of this epic project. We have had the time of our lives debating, laughing, rejoicing and criticising but it's very soon that this bad boy will be coming to a close.

But we're not quite there yet, and we feel confident in saying that for the Lost Rewatch Podcast, the best is yet to come, something never more true than in this week's episode, which is arguably the jewel in the crown of the whole podcast.

This week, in doing commentary for 'Across the Sea' we're finally coming face to face with one of the most unique, divisive and just plain important episodes of the whole show, an episode on which we flash back further than ever before to an hour of TV that many felt was 'off topic' upon its initial airing. We'll be discussing whether or not that's a fair assessment, but one thing that won't be up for discussion is that, like the episode or not, 'Across the Sea' pretty much sets out the stall of the creative team in terms of what aspects of the story they want to prioritise and focus on in its final countdown. It's not an exaggeration to say that your reaction to 'Across the Sea' may very well determine your perception of the entire series as a whole, and we give the episode it's due in a podcast that might be described by some as 'epic', by others as 'really bloody long'.

Either way, it's time to let this bitch out of the bag! We hope you enjoy this bumper edition of the Lost Rewatch Podcast and we hope you'll be with us for the final two episodes!

'Across the Sea' Commentary

WARNING - This episode proves that there's no more thorough form of post-labour pain relief than a big rock to the head.

Friday, 25 October 2013

Audio on SHIELD #5 'Girl in the Flower Dress'


We're back again this week to discuss the latest episode of the hit TV show about those marvellous agents! Y'know, the ones who work at SHIELD?

After a surprisingly strong episode last week, the heat is on as to whether SHIELD can keep up the quality and flourish into the show we all want it to be - so does it manage it this week? Well, as regulars will know, the only way to find out is to listen to that there audio stream below - punch it, Bishop!

'Girl in the Flower Dress' Review

WARNING - This episode may suggest Agent May might not understanding the meaning of the word 'double', leading us to question whether she should hold such a high ranking position

Thursday, 24 October 2013

The Marvel Vs DC movie mash-up- 'Superman II'


Well, it's time for the plot of the mash-up to well and truly thicken (and possibly curdle) as we are leaping into the next phase of our look at the Crissy Reeve quartet, with the ambitious, sprawling, ridiculous, funny, disgracefully compromised 'Superman II'.

Partially filmed as part of one giant production with 78's 'Superman', 'II' is a film whose production is what some would describe as 'a bit troubled'. Others would call it 'an express elevator to hell'. Where lies the truth? The only way to find out is to listen to our damn commentary, but BEWARE, good listener - it's vital to recall that this instalment is recorded for the theatrical Richard Lester cut, known to contain at least 36% more dung!

'Superman II' Commentary

Monday, 21 October 2013

The Lost Rewatch Podcast #113 'The Candidate'

OMG! Just a minor four episodes of the Lost Rewatch Podcast EVA?!? Say it ain't so!

Well, it IS so, but don't despair as there's many miles to travel before The End. We've got even more triple double triple crosses in store this week, a install return to some cosy cages and, most importantly, Sayid deciding to grow a soul once again at the last minute. Plus, Locke gets pushed into some water and Jin decides that his daughter really doesn't need to grow up with a father, because tumultuous parenthood never lead to any bad on this show, right?

'The Candidate' Commentary

WARNING - Please note that when attending The Concert that although the bar is open from 6PM, guests will not be able to take their seats until 7PM.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Audio on SHIELD #4- 'Eye Spy'

Hey there, Spider-friends!

We're back this week with our fourth review of Jimmy Whedon's new television experience 'Agents of SHIELD' and, this week, there's the hint that the bumpy ride of the series' start may be coming to a close, with Jimmy delivering a reassuringly strong episode - but is it strong enough to hold onto us as audience members?

There's only one way to find out and that's to listen OR ask us directly on twitter or in person, should you live near us and know what we look like.

'Eye Spy' review

WARNING - This episode may cut away before Skye instigates a high tech recreation of the infamous Norman Bates voyeur scene from 1998's 'Psycho'

Monday, 14 October 2013

The Lost Rewatch Podcast #112 - 'The Last Recruit'

Holy Mozoh! They're are only five episode left of this entire project, something that stuns, confuses, arouses, excites and, of course, saddens us. But there's no time to get reflective yet, as we've got a gosh darned podcast to deliver!

This week, it's ALL kicking off, with a much anticipated face off between Jack and the Man in Black, Desmond chilling out, flush from his success at performing a perfect dive and, of course, the conclusion to the longest occurrence of a separated couple being reunited in all of fiction!

'The Last Recruit' Commentary

WARNING - it's vital, if you haven't yet received your concert tickets, that you call the booking office immediately and ask them to redeem your tickets with the code attached to your original receipt email.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Audio on SHIELD #3 'The Asset'

Hello there, Spider-friends!

WHINECAST is back with our weekly review of Joss Whedon's latest televisual opus, the horribly named Marvel's Agents of SHIELD! Now, last week was a divisive episode between us boys, so the killer question is how will this week's go down? Will it be third time's the charm or third time's the...harm?

Find out with the new Audio on SHIELD!

'The Asset' Review

WARNING - This episode may celebrate the joy of joking about breasts

Thursday, 10 October 2013

The Marvel Vs DC movie mash-up - 'Superman'

The nights are getting darker, the wind is getting colder - so it must be October, a month internationally known as the one that kicks off the Christopher Reeve portion of our little Marvel Vs DC project!

Yep, we're jumping forward twelve years since last month to 1978, the year in which Dicky Donner delivered a film that was destined to be hugely influential in its sheer impact on the superhero movie genre.

There's earthquakes, wigs, lazy stars, amazing effects and a man who was possibly born to play the last son of Kryton - so let's get to it!

'Superman' Commentary

WARNING - This film may make you believe a man can fly

Monday, 7 October 2013

The Lost Rewatch Podcast #111 - 'Everybody Loves Hugo'

Everybody loves Hugo, right? RIGHT?!? Well, it turns out the LAYDEES don't and despite the fact that 'ugo himself has come to terms with this, apparently his mam can't and 'cos he's a right pussy he's going to force himself into dating a Genuine Mental because she's Relatively Attractive.

So, join us for one of the rapidly diminishing remaining episodes of the Lost Rewatch Podcast - you'll have the time of your life!

'Everybody Love Hugo' Commentary

WARNING - You might think it has, but don't think for one minute that this episode has addressed the mental hospital connection between Hurlo and Libbo

Friday, 4 October 2013

Audio on SHIELD #2 - '0-8-4'

Hello, young, old and infirm!

This week, the WHINECAST boys are back to provide you with our review of the second episode of Jimmy Whedon's latest televisual opus. Does the second episode run with the strong-ish start of the pilot? Does Clark Gregg's hairline recede further? Do we find out which one is Fitz and which one is Simmons? Do we want to see another episode?

Find out, in the new Audio on SHIELD!

'0-8-4' Review

WARNING- we've had enough of these motherfuckin' Peruvians on this motherfuckin' plane!

Monday, 30 September 2013

The Lost Rewatch Podcast #110- 'Happily Ever After'

After finding out what Charles Widmore had brought to the island, this week we see an out of sorts Desmond return. We also see this week how you treat the father of your only grandson, shocking him with electromagnetic energy into the flash sideways.

It's been said a lot in the history of both the TV show and this podcast but Desmond might just have started the beginning of the end.

Warning- If your concert tickets have not arrived, you are most likely to have missed out!!

Friday, 27 September 2013

Audio on SHIELD #1 - 'Pilot'

Looks like we're launching a new show and we're not the only ones! This week, we see the debut of Joss Whedon's latest foray into the world of TV, this time backed up with the might of Marvel's cinematic universe -that's right, it's time for 'Agents of SHIELD' to make its debut and the WHINECAST boys are here to offer you their thoughts.

Just who is ZombieCoulson? How glossy can one show be? Who's the tottiest bit of skirt? Why didn't Doc Brown patent the Delorean?

All these questions and more may be addressed in this week's 'Audio on SHIELD'!

'Pilot' Review

Don't forget to check out our superhero side project at The Marvel Vs DC movie mash-up ! It will change your life for a limited period of time!

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The Marvel Vs DC movie mash-up- 'Batman- The Movie'

Hello fellas! A little bit later than advertised, we're back for the second of our September entries in the shape of The Bat Man's first foray into the world of the cineple - with 1966's 'Batman - The Movie', a theatrically released, feature length edition of the Adam West fronted TV show which ran for three seasons and a staggering 120 episodes between 1966-68, not to mention defining a generation's perception of how the character could or should be presented in the process. High campery is the order of the day, so whip on your tights, turn a pirate into some pahder and reach for your Shark Repellent Bat-spray, 'cos it's on! 

'Batman- The Movie' Commentary

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The Lost Rewatch Podcast #109 - 'The Package'

Ahoy there!

After last week's epic dash of Alpert, we're back in with those classic 815ers and it's a significant moment as we're finally reaching the last of the Jin/Sun centric, a pairing that's proven to be controversial throughout the entire podcast - so will they leave us on a high or a...cry?

We're so close to the end how, folks, so we hope you're ready to enjoy the ride of these final few!

'The Package' Commentary

WARNING - This episode may involve Charles Widmore showing off his package.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

The Lost Rewatch Podcast #108- 'Ab Aeterno'

Well Losties!

The one we were all waiting for the Richard flashback!

In this our 108th (we didn't plan to have this be the 108th episode, it just happened) we discuss at length the issues surround Richard and his relationship with not only Jacob but his brother. in what can only be describe as a extended version of the Rewatch Podcast find out whether @billowl or @ChrisSykes108 can successfully plot the course of The Black Rock.

'Ab Aeteno' Commentary

Warning- The Lost Rewatch Podcast has only 8 episodes left!!

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Twelve Months of Terror - 'Carrie' review

Allegedly, Carrie White eats shit - but is this actually the truth? We try and determine that in this week's searing exposé of a podcast in which we rejoin goatsinthemachine.wordpress.com 's 'Twelve Months of Terror' project.

This month, it's September, famous of course for those kiddie winkles returning to school- and what film says return to school better than the end of year focused 'Carrie', starring the creepily attractive Silly Spaceman! So, have yourself a period, slaughter a pig, expose your dirty pillows and strengthen your resolve - 'cos they're all gonna laugh at you!

'Carrie' Review

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The Lost Rewatch Podcast #107 - 'Recon'


This week's episode of the podcast is rather darn special as it marks a significant anniversary! Yes, you guessed it, this episode marks us only having ten more episodes left of the entire project! Yikes, yowzer and yonkers, it's hard to believe!

But before we rush this whole damn thing, we've got 'Recon' to discuss, a Sawyer centric episode that sees our rugged antihero doing what he does best, playing playas off each other for his own filthy gain!

'Recon' Commentary

WARNING - This episode may feature Sayid displaying the same nonchalance at the prospect of Kate's death as that felt by the audience!

Monday, 2 September 2013

The Lost Rewatch Podcast #106 - 'Dr. Linus'

Did you go to science school? Did you do, like, really well? Do you like wearing a sweater vest, looking after the welfare of stunning teenagers and occasionally showing glimpses of being a sneaky manipulative bastard? Well, then you must be Dr. Ben Linus, proud resident of a make believe bizarro world where you wish yourself paralysed and invent a son who can only communicate through a series of beep and, yes, boops

It's time to go back to school!

'Dr. Linus' Commentary

WARNING - This episode may feature such a great scene with Ben and Ilana that you'll become enraged at the thought of how the show is about to dispose of Illana like a used condom (with dynamite).

Sunday, 1 September 2013

The Marvel Vs DC movie mash-up- 'Superman and the Mole-men'

Well, it's time to kick off 'the Marvel Vs DC movie mash-up' project and what better way to do it than with the first film in the list! Yes, it's time to gaze longingly at George Reeve's hands on hip skills, not to mention his pre-cognitive abilities and his masterful moonlighting as an assistant surgeon!

Now, this commentary, as with all our commentaries, begins simultaneously with the very start of the film, so hit play on both at the same time for maximum sync-up!

Finally, given that 'Superman and the Mole-men' might not be in the possession of all that many listeners, we're happy to report that the entire 58-minute film can be found on YouTube at 'Superman and the Mole-Men' , however we've tried to make the commentary as self contained as possible, so that you shouldn't necessarily have to be watching the film to enjoy the podcast.

'Superman and the Mole-men' Commentary

We hope you guys are thrilled and chilled by our first instalment and we'll be back in a couple of weeks for our commentary for 'Batman the movie'! In the meantime, if you'd like to get involved with the project in anyway, tweet @billowl or @ChrisSykes108 and we'd be thrilled to have you on board!

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The Lost Rewatch Podcast #105 - 'Sundown'

Hello again, playas!

So, apologies for our absence last week and our lateness this week, our schedules have been bounced all over the place by illness, dogs, weddings, bank holidays and oh so much more!

But we're BACK now and ready to delve once more in the treasure trove that is Lost's final season. But is it treasure or face melting ghosts we find inside? That's the question and one we'll try to answer in this week's surprise Sayid centric episode. There'll be fights, poisoning, stabbing and most importantly, Sayid considering having a crack at his brothers wife!

'Sundown' Commentary

WARNING - This episode may involve Sayid trying to force a baseball up Dougal's arse, with mixed results

Friday, 23 August 2013

WHINECAST - 'Ben Affleck is The Batman!'

Well, sugar my tits, I didn't see this one coming!

After recent reports of Christian Bale being offered ownership of Finland to return for a little Brucie Bonus, old Zack Snyder has plopped out an unexpected stunner of casting with Hollywood punchline turned respected director Ben Affleck taking the role of BANTAM in the upcoming sort of sequel to 'Man of Steel'. 

A surprising choice and one that's left the Internet abuzz with plenty of good old fashioned criticism. But sack that shit off, because WHINECAST is here to give you our opinion on the matter, which studies indicate is substantially more valid than that of others! 


Thursday, 15 August 2013

WHINECAST - 'Return of the Playaz'

Well, we've had this boy in the bag for awhile and now it's time to unleash it! Yes, we're making good on our promise of delivering (or bloody trying to) new content on a Thursday and this week we have a good old natter about this...about that...before finally settling down into a discussion of the resurrection of the Star Wars franchise, with old JJ Abrams at the helm.

Punch it!

'Return of the Playaz'

WARNING - This podcast may seem like it has nothing to do with Star Wars for the longest time

Monday, 12 August 2013

The Lost Rewatch Podcast #104 - 'Lighthouse'

What's that in the distance? Is it a lighthouse? No, it's the dawning realisation that the pace of season 6 is slowing way down and, most alarmingly, our tickets for The Concert haven't come through the post yet! But fear not, as this episode is going to deliver us some distractions in the form of further alarming insights into the cracked mind of the man-child that is Jacob! 'Lighthouse' Commentary WARNING- this episode may make you feel differently about Dairylea Dunker'

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

The Lost Rewatch Podcast #103- 'The Substitute'

Well! This week we try our hardest to get our head around the fact Locke is back in his wheelchair and more important why he thinks he can jump out of his car.

As we get closer to the finish line you may notice the length of the episode increase but we are extremely proud of the work and hope you enjoy!!

'The Substitute' Commentary

WARNING- This is the first ever blog post Written by @billowl and from the looks of it we all hope the Last!!!!

Sunday, 4 August 2013

WHINECAST - 'The New Doctor'

Well, after all the rumours, the speculation, the virtual assurance that it was going to be Peter Capaldi, Doctor Who fans were shocked this evening when it was revealed that , actually, the twelfth doctor would be played by...Peter...Capaldi. But what the hell do we think of this news? Inspired casting? Horrific mistake? Press play on this audio entertainment piece and you'll have the answers flowing into your ears like oh so much honey!
'The New Doctor' WARNING- This podcast may feature us realising that we have several years of very foul mouthed YouTube mash-ups on our hands

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Twelve Months of Terror - 'Stitches' review

Don't think you're safe 'cos it's not over! You thought you'd had enough of our addition to RJ Bayley's horror opus for the time being, but boy, you are SO wrong - as we are back with our review of the Ross Noble starring 'Stitches'. We've got an undead killer clown, we've got Lis Sladen's son, we've got tons of teenage totty- what's not to like? Well, a few things at the very least, but there's going to be shit tons of blood to attempt to drown our doubts with. Everybody happy? 'Stitches' Review
WARNING - This film may feature a cabal of supernatural entertainers

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The Lost Rewatch Podcast #102 - 'What Kate Does'

What DOES Kate do? Well, she washes her hair, she follows the boys around, she raises random children. Hell, she does LOTS of things! But in this episode, we're going to find out what young Kate does when she's trapped in a weirdy beardy 'let's make everything up so it's great but also hard universe'. I'll tell you one thing that this episode taught us, that screwing over pregnant chicks is NOT what Kate does. Quite the opposite! 

Don't believe us? Well, listen in, dickhead! 

WARNING- This episode may involve Ethan turning up because, well, why the hell not, eh?

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Twelve Months of Terror - 'Brotherhood of the Wolf'

t's time to kick off once again with @rjbayley 's 'Twelve Months of Terror' project and with it being July, we're naturally turning to Bastille Day and the somewhat epic 'Brotherhood of the Wolf'. There's intrigue. There's terror. There's monsters. There's boobs. But is there enjoyment?

Listen in to get the WHINECAST verdict!

WARNING - This film may have left us feeling hungry like the wolf

Monday, 22 July 2013

The Lost Rewatch Podcast #101 'LA X Parts 1 and 2'


After all this time, all these many miles, we're finally doing it - it's time to begin the final season of the Lost Rewatch Podcast, which funnily enough corresponds with the final season of the hit television show 'Lost'.

Will we tie our arguments together? Will Ben bring dial-up back to the island? How many castaways does it take to make a Shit Sandwich? These are exactly the kind of questions you can expect answered in The Final Season!

'LA X' Commentary

WARNING - This episode may be where things start to unravel

Saturday, 20 July 2013

WHINECAST - 'The World's End' review

After a six year absence from the big screen, old pals Simon Pegg, Edgar Wright and Nick Frost return this weekend with their latest collaboration - the apocalyptic, alcohol fueled 'The World's End'. Will it be third time lucky for the boys? Will they close their thematic trilogy with pride.?

We have the answers, so take a seat, 'cos we're buying!

'The World's End' Review

WARNING- This podcast may contain comparatively little fluff

Thursday, 18 July 2013

WHINECAST - 'Pacific Rim' review

Go big, or go extinct.

So says the tag line, but DOES Pacific Rim go big? That's the question we're asking this week in our impromptu review of the Guillermo Del Toro epic. It's a film that's been generating a lot of different and strong reactions and, boy, what you will get from us in this case is DEFINITELY a strong reaction.

Advance warning to listeners- due to the heat wave currently assaulting the UK, we had to record this one with an electric fan running, which seems to have impacted quite heavily on the sound quality. Apologies for this, we hope the audio is understandable and we'll be making better plans for this in our upcoming 'The World's End' review.

'Pacific Rim' Review

WARNING - This may be the only review of 'Pacific Rim' that compares the film to 'The Proposal' and 'Before Sunrise'.

Monday, 15 July 2013

The Lost Rewatch Podcast #100 - 'The Incident'


This week marks a very special event! This week, our DOUBLE LENGTH podcast commentary is focused entirely on the game-changing finale of season 5, the episode that finally brought Jacob out of the shadows, revealed his hand in our castaways lives and set up some gubbins about alternate realities that may or may not have panned out (spoiler - it didn't).

But what's MORE important is that this week marks the One Hundredth episode we have released of the Lost Rewatch Podcast! This is a pretty momentous occasion and it's hard to believe that we've actually sat down to unleash a hundred of these bad boys.

To those of you who've listened along, we offer our sincere thanks, you've made the journey so far a sheer delight! But it's not over yet! We still have season 6 left on the table, which means, as of next week, we have 16 final episodes to plop into your waiting mouths and you'll be pleased to hear we're both pretty proud of our final season.

But, now, onto 'The Incident'!

'The Incident' Commentary

WARNING- This episode may truly mark the beginning of the end!

Thursday, 11 July 2013

WHINECAST - Play it again, Sam


So, it's been a long time coming, but tonight we finally got two mega pieces of news regarding the next Bond film, a topic very close to the hearts of us here at All of Whine and Space. We finally have a release date (October 23rd 2015) but just as tantalisingly we have official, for real, no take backsies confirmation that Sam Mendes is returning to direct, something that virtually ensures a solid film.

But is it the right call? What can we expect from Bond 24? How long will Craig stay in the role? Will Mendes be roped into a Bond trilogy?

Hear all on these topics and more, in this week's WHINECAST!

Play it again, Sam

WARNING - This podcast may feature our dead, black hearts experiencing a flicker of genuine excitement.

Monday, 8 July 2013

The Lost Rewatch Podcast #99 - 'Follow the Leader'

Hello gang!

It's time for the penultimate episode of what has been a highly tasty run of episodes for the hit television show 'Lost' - yes, the season 5 finale is on our doorstep! But before it enters, takes off its clothes and lays down on the plastic covered floor, it's time for for old Dick Alpert to take us on a journey back and forth through time as we get to enjoy the sheer pleasure that comes from knowing you're going to remain looking like a dark prince for eternity, safe in the knowledge that juicy Mid-ouise will be ravaged into the form of Old-ouise - and all on your watch!

'Follow the Leader' Commentary

WARNING- This episode may involve Richard always being the bridesmaid, but never the bride.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

WHINECAST - 'Now You See Me' review

Do you enjoy the MAGICKS? I reckon there's every chance that you do! Well, your commitment to the MAGICKS is going to be tested in this week's movie review as we sit down with a star studded cast to discuss a movie which provoked quite a distinct reaction in the All of Whine and Space posse!

Positive? Negative? The only way to find out is to press play and make your dreams come true!

'Now You See Me' Review

WARNING - This film may feature an inexplicably great cast

Monday, 1 July 2013

The Lost Rewatch Podcast #98 'The Variable

Well, hello there, Lostie-poohs!

This week is a pretty significant moment for us at the Rewatch Podcast as 'The Variable' marks the one hundredth produced hour of the show, a knee weakening fact! But what does the one hundredth episode have in store for us? Well, a companion piece to season four's 'The Constant', we've got a range of treats for you this week - a classic bad parent storyline, a series of wigs for Faraday and a sweaty agitated man speaking persuasively to a young girl in a park - what more could you want?!?

Happy birthday, Lost!

'The Variable' Commentary

WARNING - This episode may involve Radzinksy being well up for capping off some shots in a area heavily populated by innocents

Thursday, 27 June 2013

WHINECAST - 'Much Ado About Nothing' review

Sounds like its time for one of those Team Ups, once again! In one corner, it's cult figure Josh Whendy- a rare talent to savour and then, in the other corner, little known playwright Bill Shakesman. Together, these boys are gonna take twelve days out to film the ultimate edition of 'Through the Keyhole'!

Do we like the result? Does this type of Shakesman adaptation work?

Find out within!!

'Much Ado About Nothing' Review

WARNING - This episode may feature us telling Joss Whedon what he can and cannot do with his career/time

Monday, 24 June 2013

The Lost Rewatch Podcast #97 - 'Some Like It Hoth'

I like it Hoth, do YOU?

Lads and ladettes, we are back this week with a little bit of a break from all the gruesome drama of the last few episodes for something a little lighter, a litter airier and, hell, a lot rarer - a genuine Miles centric episode that aims to warm the heart, the cockles and maybe even more. Does it succeed? Find out within!

Punch it, Chewie!

'Some Like It Hoth' Commentary

WARNING- This episode may involve Miles daring Hurley to place a mayo sandwich into a corpses mouth for five seconds and then eat it, which Hurley does because he's susceptible to peer pressure, the poor bastard.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

WHINECAST- 'World War Z' review

It's Z day!

Yes, it's true. The much anticipated adaptation of Max Brook's novel is slamming onto cinema screens this weekend and we at WHINECAST couldn't be more excited. Because we're massive fans of the book? Golly, no! It's because it's brought to us by director Marc Forster, responsible for the deeply flawed Bond film 'Quantum of Solace' and writer Damon Lindelof, key scribe on the deeply flawed 'Lost' and the deeply flawed 'Prometheus'.

So, are we in for a deeply flawed experience? There's only one way to find out!

'World War Z' Review

WARNING - This film may feature the best recovery from a serious stomach wound since Noomi Rapace's complicated delivery in 'Prometheus'!

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Twelve Months of Terror- 'The Stepfather' Review

We are returning once more to good friend and local legend @rjbayley 's horror themed opus TWELVE MONTHS OF TERROR, this week focusing on the 80s-tastic 'The Stepfather'.

Now, we're always up for a bit of TERROR, but this month's film is extremely close to our hearts, as long term fans will suspect, because it stars a young, virile and talented TERRY-OH-QUINN, the master craftsman who we simply adore due to his portrayal of Johnny Locke in the hit TV show 'Lost'. But even without OH-QUINN, this slice of eighties magicks would be a pure joy.

Lets bring some order to things!

'The Stepfather' Review

WARNING- This film may involve the authorities trying to keep a playa down.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The Lost Rewatch Podcast #96 - 'Dead is Dead'

Right Said Fred? No, playas, it's 'Dead is Dead'!

This week's episode sees a welcome return to a Ben centric episode, with us finding out all kind of juicy business about his and Widmore's past together - which naturally involves us focusing on the most important topic - hair and ageing!

'Dead is Dead' Commentary

WARNING- This episode may involve the genesis of Rousseau's conveniently selective memory

Sunday, 16 June 2013

WHINECAST - 'Man of Steel' review

Right then! It's time for the other main staple of the DC franchise to see if he can have another crack at a modern telling. We've got the double team of Chris Nolan and David Goyer on board, a sterling cast and the delightfully inconsistent, but always pretty, Zack Snyder.

Will we believe a man can fly? There's only one way to find out!

'Man of Steel' Review

WARNING- This film may give an unrealistic depiction of getting jobs in a poor economy with no references

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The Lost Rewatch Podcast #95 'Whatever Happened, Happened

Hey there, cheeky Pootle!

We return this week with another solid episode, which seems to be all about screwing over children! We've got Kate ditching Aaron to go on holiday, we've got Juliet fiddling about with Ben's insides and...well that's about it on the kids front, but trust me, it's a damn solid episode, one that takes us that but closer to the explosive events of the season 5 finale.

Spark up your Dharma leaf and get a-rockin'!

'Whatever Happened, Happened' Commentary

WARNING-This episode sees Richard Alpert take a small boy deep into the jungle to do something to him that means he will never be the same.

Monday, 3 June 2013

The Lost Rewatch Podcast #94 'He's Our You'

Aloha, my good friends!

We're back this week with a firmly Sayid centric episode, one that continues the great run that season 5 has been having. We have Sayid and Ben interacting with imprisonment, we have chickens being murdered, we have people eschewing Dharma Leaf for the more potent Dharma Acid - it's all kicking off!

'He's Our You' Commentary

WARNING- This episode may involve Sawyer shitting several bricks

Saturday, 1 June 2013

WHINECAST- Doctor Who- The Fall of the Eleventh

Well, all good things just come to an end and that was never truer than tonight when we learnt that the delightful Mattie Smith has decided to depart Doctor Who for fresh pastures, making his departure during the upcoming 2013 Christmas Special.

We were fairly blown away by the news, so we decided we'd kick ourselves if we didn't get down behind the mic and have a good old chinwag about the puns, the fezzes, the jammy dodgers, the bow ties and the missed chances.


The Fall of the Eleventh

WARNING- This episode may involve us mentally breaking as we try to cope with the idea that we are the same age as Smitty when he took on the role.

Monday, 27 May 2013

The Lost Rewatch Podcast #93 - 'Namaste'

Aloha, Losties!

This week, we're back with our old friends in the Dharma Initiative and we get to see Sawyer attempt desperately to conceal an extremely transparent lie, but fair play to the PLAYA, he sure gives it a darn good try!

Season 5 continues to hit an excellent stride this week, so listen in wonder as we have relatively little to bitch about!

'Namaste' Commentary

WARNING- This episode may involve Radzinsky starting his campaign for 'dickhead of the year'

Thursday, 23 May 2013

The Matrix Re-evaluated - 'The Matrix Revolutions'

Well, as the Oracle says, when something does a start, one day it's bound to have a finish!

Yes, Playas, the wonderful month of May is gradually coming to a close, so that means our retrospective look back at the 'Matrix' franchise is finally ending. What are our final thoughts? Does the trilogy come to a rousing conclusion, or slide out like a repulsive bowel movement? To answer this vital question, we've once again enlisted the talents of Old Pal Tom Lewis, who's going to help us put this bitch firmly in the ground.

Do me an ending!

'The Matrix Revolutions' Commentary

WARNING- This episode may involve our bodies, minds and souls dissolved through the process of five hours of continuous recording!

Monday, 20 May 2013

The Lost Rewatch Podcast #92 'LaFleur'

Howdy, Lostohs!

This week, season 5 takes another leap forward as we get the delight of seeing the gang frolicking with the Dharma initiative and it's just as enjoyable, exciting and arousing as you would expect, so lets get to it!

'LaFleur' Commentary

WARNING- This episode may involve Sawyer leaping past Phil on the Dharma career ladder

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Doctor Who - 'The Name of The Doctor'

Well gosh golly!

We seem to have reached the end of Series 7 of the revived Who and it's been a decidedly mixed bag. We've had great episodes, we've had mediocre ones, but the pressure of the series finale remains as strong as ever, if not stronger because of the need to tee an audience up for the upcoming 50th anniversary.

So, did the finale deliver? Did we get the skinny on Clara? Are we pumped for the 50th?

Find out within!

The Name of The Doctor Review

WARNING: This episode may introduce a first time, unknown actor to our screens.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

THE MATRIX RE-EVALUATED - 'The Matrix Reloaded' commentary

Well, hello!

We're leaping recklessly back into a world of digital fisticuffs this week as we continue our retrospective look at The Matrix franchise. This time, we're providing commentary for 'The Matrix Reloaded' a film that proved incredibly divisive upon its release. To help us with this enormous burden, we've brought in guest star @roguevox to lend a hand and, boy, he doesn't disappoint!

Let's have some agro!

The Matrix Reloaded Commentary

WARNING- this commentary may involve Neil choosing not to order a Family Feast

Monday, 13 May 2013

WHINECAST - Doctor Who: 'Nightmare in Silver'

How do, Whovians?

We're finally here with our belated review of this week's episode of Doctor Who, the Neil Gaiman penned 'Nightmare in Silver'. Of course, Gaiman's previous writing credit on the show 'The Doctor's Wife' was widely hailed as one of the best episodes ever, so can 'Silver' possibly compete? Does it even need to? Does Clara give any cheeky, knee weakening looks?

The answers lie within!

Nightmare in Silver Review

WARNING- This episode may feature some of the worst child acting this side of 'The Phantom Menace'

The Lost Rewatch Podcast #91 'The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham'

Hi there, Lost fans!

It's time for a bit of a novelty episode this week as we finally get to dive into the much anticipated antics of Johnny Locke after he leaves the island to try and organise the Oceanic Six comeback tour. But will it be a good episode? Will it satisfy our craving for information about the circumstances that lead to that bleedin' coffin from almost two seasons ago?

There's only one way to find out!

The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham Commentary

WARNING- This episode may feature Johnny Locke pushed to suicide with surprising ease.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

WHINECAST - 'Star Trek Into Darkness' review

Holla holla, playas!

We're back once again to review the much anticipated continuation of the rebooted Star Trek franchise and Spoiler Spoiler, it's pretty darn good! We went into this review hoping to keep it short, but it turns out we were so passionate about the film that we just couldn't shut our goddamn traps!

So, get ready to travel to the stars, where you will see falling spaceships, flying men and stunning blondes with delightful thighs!

Star Trek Into Darkness Review

WARNING- This episode may see Benedict Cumberbatch forever renamed as Benji Cumbuns.

THE MATRIX RE-EVALUATED- 'The Animatrix' commentary

And now for something completely different!

Yes, it's truesies, after kicking off The Matrix Re-Evaluated project with our commentary for little known '99 classic 'The Matrix', we decided that any real look back at the franchise would, if it was being fair and complete, have to take into account 'The Animatrix' so we took on the task of providing commentary for the nine short films which acted as our first glimpse of the world beyond 'The Matrix', a world which was to leave an unpleasant taste in the mouth for many come the release of the sequels.

We recorded our commentary from the blu-ray release of 'The Animatrix' rather than the DVD release, meaning that, unlike the DVD release, this commentary does not include full credits for 'The Animatrix' after each short has finished, so to allow everyone to sync up their commentaries after each short, we've left a clearly indicated pause. Don't worry too much, as we explain it in the audio itself.

Boys? Let's do one.

The Animatrix Commentary

WARNING- This commentary may include us feeling all nostalgia filled for our lost youth.

Monday, 6 May 2013

The Lost Rewatch Podcast #90 - '316'

Ladies and Gentiles, welcome to the ninetieth edition of the Lost Rewatch Podcast! It's all crackin' off this week, Jack's makin' up a Grandad, Sayid's havin' himself a sexy rendezvous and Kate and Hurley are lazin' by the poolside- so let's get ourselves stuck in, SHALL WE???

316 Commentary

WARNING: this episode may feature Jin loving his life of driving round the island in his weed-mobile, finding Hostiles with which to get hiiiiiiiigh.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

WHINECAST- Doctor Who 'The Crimson Horror' review

Apparently, there's trouble at 'mill, which can only mean one thing- that it's time for the WHINECAST boys to tool up and get ready to review this week's instalment of modest TV success DOCTOR WHO. This week, we're going up 'North for a comedy-horror onslaught which, because we're children, we were really rather fond of!

Crimson Horror Review

WARNING: This episode may feature Lady V prepping her posse to try and unleash some Coleman's sauce.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Twelve Months of Terror - ' Dead Snow' review

Do you like zombies? Of course.

Do you like Nazis? Naturally!

Then it's time to join us as we dip back into the TWELVE MONTHS OF TERROR project spearheaded by RJ Bayley at goatsinthemachine.wordpress.co.uk. This time it's VE Day, so it's the turn of 'Dead Snow', which is going to bring us (in addition to the aforementioned Nazi zombies) snow, blood, gold, snowmobiles, blood and a star studded cast including Boris Johnson, JJ Abrams and Rachael McAdams!

Dead Snow Review

WARNING- This episode may feature us debating the etiquette of ass to mouth foreplay on a first date.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

THE MATRIX RE-EVALUATED - 'The Matrix' commentary

Ladies and gents, it's the month of May so that, of course, means it's time to kick off our moderately anticipated project designed to, on the ten year anniversary of the Matrix sequels' release, take a look back at the Matrix franchise-  to try and evaluate what it was that captured the imagination of so many back in 1999 and to try and identify the ways that the 2003 sequels managed to disappoint so many and so thoroughly. What was wrong with the sequels? What was right? Has the franchise as a whole been misjudged?

But before we get into all that 2003 murkiness, it's time to zip back to the turn of the millennium and get down and dirty discussing the film that began it all, that introduced us to the adventures of Neil, Tricia and Marcellus - let's jack into 'The Matrix'!

The Matrix Commentary

WARNING: This commentary may feature a bewildering number of pointless alterations to the names of various characters. Don't ask.

Monday, 29 April 2013

The Lost Rewatch Podcast #89 - 'This Place is Death'

Welcome back, you delightful Losties!

This week we get the chance to once again have ourselves a bit of a bicker, as this week's Jin and Sun centric episode kicks off what may be one of the longest and least interesting reunion storylines to ever grace fiction!

This Place is Death Commentary

WARNING- This episode may see Charlotte have a bit of a headache.

Saturday, 27 April 2013

WHINECAST- Doctor Who 'Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS' Review

Hello there, my good Whovians!

This week, the thoroughly shagged out Chris and Bill come back to the mic once more to give their thoughts on what was quite a novelty of an episode of 'Doctor Who'. Of course, anything exploration of the TARDIS is always a joy and, in many respects, this week is no exception! Plus, Clara wears a cute dress and makes our hearts skip skip skip skip skip skip a beat.

Boys? Let's get to it!

Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS Review

WARNING- This week's podcast may involve us being so tired than assembling coherent sentences is almost impossible.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

WHINECAST- 'Iron Man 3' review

It's that time again folks, the time when our old pals at MARVEL INCORPORATED plop out one their cinematic delights - this time in the shape of 'Iron Man 3'.

Will we love it? Hate it? Find little niggly things to complain about? Well, you won't find out here, you'll have to listen to get the answers to those tantalising questions.

So, turn on your third nipple, boot up Jacob and leap into your metal suit of protection as it's clobberin' time!

Iron Man Three Review

WARNING- This review may be alarmingly, some would say refreshingly, free of snark (not Stark, there's lots of him).

Monday, 22 April 2013

The Lost Rewatch Podcast #88 - 'The Little Prince'

Why, hello there, you attractive devil!

It seems you've stumbled upon yet another edition of the hit podcast all about rewatching Lost, sometimes known as the Lost Rewatch Podcast. This week we're taking a leaf out of Saville's book and are all about a toddler. He's blonde haired, blue eyed and may or may not be important (hint: he ain't).

So, join us for yet another spin of the roulette wheel as we get ready to discuss how little one prince can truly be.

Boys? Fire them mothers up!

The Little Prince Commentary

WARNING - This episode may continue to suggest that young Aaron is a bit of a freakazoid.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

WHINECAST- Doctor Who: 'Hide' review

Boys and gals, what we have this week is a reassuringly enjoyable episode of the hit TV show Doctor Who and, frankly, it couldn't have come soon enough after a couple of weeks of rather underwhelming episodes.

But underwhelming is not what we have this week, instead we have spectres, crown-things, Emma Sexyface, no umbrella stand and a rather bizarre conclusion.

BOYS, lets get to it.

Hide Review

WARNING- This episode may involve The Doctor and Clara becoming The Dynamic Duo.

Monday, 15 April 2013

The Lost Rewatch Podcast #87 - 'Jughead'

Spring is in the air, Lost fans- and there's nothing that says spring better than nuclear weaponry!

This week on the podcast, we're turning our laser-like glare on the hit episode 'Jughead'. We're continuing our journey through time, through space and all the other things as we get deeper and deeper into season 5, burrowing like Vincent trying to hide from a hail of flaming arrows.

Brace yourself!

Jughead Commentary

WARNING- This episode may re-introduce us to a perpetually haughty Ms. Hawking, regardless of where you find her in time

Saturday, 13 April 2013

WHINECAST- Doctor Who - 'The Cold War' review

Hello there, Whovians!

It's time to take yet another one of those perilous trips in a blue box with that mad old pillock. This week, we're going down where it's better, yes where it's wetter: under the sea.

There's submarines, manga eyes, wet hair and some big old bastard in a shell suit to contend with.

Let's do one!

The Cold War Review

WARNING- This episode may feature the TARDIS buggering off on it's own for a bit, because now that's a thing.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The Lost Rewatch Podcast #86 - 'The Lie'

Hello, all and sundry!

Welcome to another edition of the hit podcast that the entire internets is talking about- no lie. This week's episode is, of course, 'The Lie' and as such, we're not going to say much about it beforehand- because how would you shift truth from fiction?

All you need to know is that this is where Season 5 quickly and strangely starts to go a little bit off track, but in a bizarre hard to define way - but boy are we gonna try!

The Lie Commentary

WARNING: This episode may feature some old woman popping up at the end and sending us straight down the shitter.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

WHINECAST - Doctor Who 'The Rings of Akhaten' review

Hello again!

It's time for the second adventure of this new run of Doctor Who and also for the first proper adventure for our cheeky new companion Clara! Will we be thrilled? Or put to sleep? There's only one way to find out and that's to listen in!

The Rings of Akhaten Review

WARNING- This episode may involve us talking an inappropriate amount about Tennant's ten inches

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Twelve Months of Terror - 'Resurrection' review

Guys and gals, it is undeniably April, so that means it's time for another entry for TWELVE MONTHS OF TERROR,  the horror-fest from our good friends RJ Bayley and Louise Boyd of Goats in the Machine .

This month, we're dealing with the Good Man Jesus, which means sitting down to discuss the Christopher Lambert lead masterpiece 'Resurrection' which is so good it received a theatrical release in several countries.

So, cut up some random folk, staple 'em together and make yourself a brand new Jeebus, because it's time for our review of RESURRECTION!

Resurrection Review

WARNING- This review may feature us initially completely misunderstanding the basic concept of the film

Monday, 1 April 2013

The Lost Rewatch Podcast #85 - 'Because You Left'

Oh, my cheeky playas!

You were probably thinking we'd be having our traditional break between seasons, weren't you? You thought we'd leave you hanging, that we'd try to keep you down? Nonsense! We're diving back into the podcast with the first episode of season 5, the timey wimey 'Because You Left'.

It's the penultimate season of the show and with that, we're finally seeing the bugger set out its stall as a fully fledged sci-fi extravaganza, one with plenty of time travel thrown in to boot!

So, get your records skipping, feed the baby and film yet another one of those feckin' orientation videos- it's time for season 5!

Because You Left Commentary

WARNING- This episode may feature Jack getting over that whole addiction thing pretty swiftly

Saturday, 30 March 2013

WHINECAST- Doctor Who- The Bells of Saint John


Looks like 'All of Whine and Space' are about to present all of time and space!!


Yes, kids, it's that time again- when Doctor Who returns from it's perpetual hibernation for a flash of episodes, this time in the form of the Moffat penned 'The Bells of Saint John'. Of course, John's bells aside, this episode has a much bigger task ahead of it- that of finally locking in Clara Oswin as the main, full time, for realsies companion!

So, get ready to give up your life, abandon your loved ones and run off with a mentally handicapped stranger- it's time for New Who!

The Bells of Saint John Review

WARNING- This episode may feature Jenna-Louise Coleman being just perfect.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The Lost Rewatch Podcast #84 - 'There's No Place Like Home' Part 2 & 3

Well, bugger my spitoon and set fire to the rain- we've only gone and reached the end of season 4!

Yes, it's true, with this week's edition of the GREAT Lost Rewatch Podcast we deliver one of our world famous doublés or, as they're sometimes known, 'double bills' covering the second half of the gigantic conclusion to this game changing season.

Last week, we said we had a fair number of issues with this finale, but will they be apparent in our analysis of the second half? There's only one way to find out and that's by downloading the shit out of this week's podcast!

There's No Place Like Home Part 2 Commentary

WARNING- This episode may make you believe that a Korean can fly

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The Lost Rewatch Podcast #83 - 'There's No Place Like Home' Part 1

It's hard to believe it, but we've finally reached the end of season 4! It's been a hell of a journey and despite the abbreviated episode total as a result of the writer's strike we've covered a hell of a lot of ground this season. But, in the words of 'Metal Gear Solid's Liquid Snake - 'It's not over yet!'.

So, buckle your seat belts, bundle up your Dharma leaf, order your Shit Sandwich (tm), check yourself before you wreck yourself - because it's time to jump into the first part of the season four finale with 'There's No Place Like Home' Numero One!

There's No Place Like Home Part 1 Commentary

WARNING- This episode may feature so much shit going off left, right and centre that you'd be forgiven for not knowing who you are, where you are and what exactly is happening to you.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Twelve Months of Terror - 'Leprechaun'

Well, playas, it's March and that means it's time for WHINECAST to leap back into Goats in the Machine 's TWELVE MONTHS OF TERROR project. This month, we're dealing with a terror that is small in stature, but big in...terror.

So, without further flubbering, let's get down to business as we take a look back at this nineties classic, pondering such issues as tight shorts, magic little men and feckin' gold.

Boys? Let's get to it!

Leprechaun Review

WARNING- This podcast may feature us trying to determine the limits of 'brain operations'.

Monday, 11 March 2013

The Lost Rewatch Podcast #82 - 'Cabin Fever'

Buckle your safety belts, Lost fans - it's time for a little dose of CABIN FEVER. Yes, the eleventh episode of Lost Season 4 takes a delightful trip back in time as we return to a format that is now a true rarity- a flashback for a survivor of Oceanic 815. Of course, if you want an 815er to bring home the flashback bacon, then you've got to turn over the reins to old Johnny Locke who brings the pain and thunder with him like a true playa.

Of course, we've got more than Johnny Locke to deal with this week as we finally get the opportunity to get our teeth thoroughly stuck into some of Jacob's  'motivations', something that in many ways is the starting pistol for what we like to call 'Jacob's wind-up of 2007'!

So, roll up some Dharma leaf, bang on some Buddy Holly and get ready to get feverish!

Cabin Fever Commentary

WARNING- This episode may feature John Locke failing the Daz doorstep challenge

Monday, 4 March 2013

The Lost Rewatch Podcast #81 - 'Something Nice Back Home'

Welcome back, Lost inclined youths!

We've returned to the mic this week to drop a phat beat in the shape of old Jacky Shepherd having himself a genuine sick day! Will he live? Die? Who can say? The tension is so high, despite the presence of multiple flash forwards that guarantee his survival!

But forget surgery, there's nuptials on the horizon and the prospect of seeing young Shepherd manage to derail a perfectly good relationship in just a few short steps. Are you looking to shake off YOUR unwanted spouse? Then watch closely!

Something Nice Back Home Commentary

WARNING- This episode may feature Jack picking up a pair of Kate's panties and shockingly NOT sniffing them.

Thursday, 28 February 2013

WHINECAST- 'Cloud Atlas'

Righto then!

We've actually had this bad boy in the bag for almost a full week, but finding a slot to deliver our thoughts on this MIND THINKER of a film has proved tricky! But here we are and it's finally time to sit down and try and work out our reaction to what has to be one of the most undeniably interesting releases of recent times.

But, the question remains, is 'Cloud Atlas' genuine poppycock? Or a subtle work of genius? Frankly, we can't quite make our mind up, but we're going to have ourselves a hell of a time trying to work it out!

Join us on a journey through time and space, where we all wear latex make up and are occasionally bizarrely compelling!

Cloud Atlas Review

WARNING- This review may feature two boys struggling to decide what the hell they think of life, the universe and everything.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Twelve Months of Terror - 'My Bloody Valentine' review

Holla holla, playas!

So, from time to time, we here at WHINECAST like to dip our toe to into projects that arouse, excite and arouse us. One of our most faithful supporters, RJ Bayley of hit film blog 'Goats in the Machine' (ha ha, wordplay!), has approached us with a project so terrifying that, upon hearing about it, we immediately shat ourselves both from the aforementioned terror and then, ultimately, anticipation.

The project in question is TWELVE MONTHS OF TERROR, a horror discussion project that lasts for an unclear amount of time. The basic dealio is that month by month throughout 2013 RJ Bayley and his lovely AND talented companion Louise Boyd will be commenting on a series of classic horror films throughout the decades, through the time honoured format of the audio commentary. After last month's installment of 'New Year's Evil' (ha, ha wordplay!), the dynamic duo have returned to discuss slasher classic 'My Bloody Valentine' and hell, we've decided to get off our arses and join 'em!

So, click below to hear WHINECAST's review of this SLASHER CLASSIC and head on over to goatsinthemachine.wordpress.com to check out RJ and Lou's excellent commentary, which fans of WHINECAST commentaries are guaranteed to enjoy!

Enough o' this jibber jabber- let's get to it!

My Bloody Valentine Review

WARNING- This review may reveal in us an ugly vein of sadism towards 'the youths'.

Monday, 25 February 2013

The Lost Rewatch Podcast #80 - 'The Shape of Things to Come'

Ladies and gennleman, it's time for a very special edition of the Lost Rewatch Podcast!

Yes, unbelievably, this week is our 80th edition and boy, has it been a an undeniably epic journey in which we've felt ALL the emotions!

Appropriately enough for a birthday edition, this week's episode truly shows us the shape of things to come in Lost, with the fittingly titled Ben flashforward - 'The Shape of Things to Come'. So, wake up in Tunisia, have a sick and assault some natives- because Benny L is on the scene and that means shit is going down, down in an earlier round.

The Shape of Things to Come Commentary

WARNING- This episode proves that if a playa has an extendable baton, he canNOT be kept down

Thursday, 21 February 2013

BlogalongaBond - 'Skyfall' commentary

Well, the dust has finally settled on the epic project of epicness that was BlogalongaBond. The whole world turned out for Jimmy Bond's adventures in 'Skyfall' and we couldn't be happier with the success of the film. But what's this? Rumblings of discontent? It's TRUE.

Whilst we at WHINECAST love old 'Skyfall' to bits, we also think the film has a few short comings that may be being overlooked in the glare of euphoria surrounding the film. So , there's only one thing for it. It's time for us to pony up and ride into battle bearing the BlogalongaBond banner one last time as we deliver our full length audio commentary for what many have called 'the best Bond ever'.

We're going to applaud, laugh, scowl, moan and celebrate our way through the latest Dannii Craig opus and you'd be fools not to join us!

Boys? Let's get to it.

Skyfall Commentary

WARNING- This commentary may feature us having the nerve to partially disagree with the rest of the world

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Monday, 18 February 2013

The Lost Rewatch Podcast #79 - 'Meet Kevin Johnson'

Ahoy there, mateys!

It's time to take a trip back in time this week, with our old friend Kevin Johnson- AKA - Michael the Killer Man. Yes, it's true, it's time to see what Old Mikey got up to off the island and what the hell brought him back to being first mate on the ship of DOOM!

Will we be satisfied? Disappointed? Aroused? The options are SO many.

Boys? Let's get to it.

Meet Kevin Johnson Commentary

WARNING- This episode may feature Michael not bothering to try hanging, drowning or, the old classic, wrist cutting in his pathetic attempts to end his life.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

WHINECAST- 'A Good Day to Die Hard' review

Well well!

The vultures are circling because boy, that carcass is ripe! Yes, reviews for DIE HARD FIVE have not been overly positive and, after much consideration and a recent viewing of the film, the WHINECAST boys have decided that this negativity stems primarily from the film being almost entirely bobbins.

But how bobbins can one film be? Can a meagre 90 minutes eradicate a franchise that's been going relatively strong for several decades? The only way to find out is to take your generic, non-brand specific MP3 player and listen to the delights contained within our HOT OFF THE PRESS REVIEW of DIE HARD FIVE.

A Good Day to Die Hard Review

WARNING- This film may feature John McClane untruthfully stating his is 'on vacation' on an alarming number of occasions.

Monday, 11 February 2013

The Lost Rewatch Podcast #78 - 'Ji Yeon'

Hello Playas!

This week we're looking at the seventh episode of 'Lost' season four, the Jin/Sun centric 'Ji Yeon'. Now, fans of the 'Lost Rewatch Podcast' will be well aware that for us, Jin and Sun could hardly be called our favourite characters on 'Lost'. But will the flashforward angle of this season result in storylines that will change our minds on the subject of Jin/Sun centrics? Basically, no.

But, for once, our criticism isn't entirely levelled at the characters of Jin and Sun, but, in this case, a certain storytelling format employed for this episode that rather gets our goat up!

So, buy yourself a panda, lose it, buy another panda and then realise your storyline means nothing as we get ready to discuss the little lady known as 'Ji Yeon'.

Ji Yeon Commentary

WARNING- This episode may involve Bernard making some bold assumptions about Jin's ability to understand and converse in English.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

WHINECAST- 'Hitchcock' review

The old WHINECAST boys have toddled off to the pictures yet again-  on this occasion they've been lucky enough to sneak into an advance screening of the new Hitchcock biopic, handily entitled 'Hitchcock'.

So, listeners, take a seat, light up your pipe and get ready for some hardcore discussion as we dissect the film in relation to our own experiences of 'the master of suspenders', our recent viewing of 'Psycho' and, most importantly, our extremely recent viewing of the HBO/BBC co-production 'The Girl' starring the wonderful Toby Jones as the rotund master.

Who wins between Jones and Hopkins? Which depiction is more horrifically unsettling? Would we rather bed Sienna Miller or Scarlett JoJo? All these questions AND more are answered within!

Hitchcock Review

WARNING- This podcast may feature us expressing our extreme admiration for Ed Gein, who we both agree 'really went for it'.

Monday, 4 February 2013

The Lost Rewatch Podcast #77 - 'The Other Woman'

Au revoir, Losties!

We're back this week with our commentary for the Juliette-centric 'The Other Woman'. Now, as we all know, old Jules is usually a banker when it comes to a good centric, however this week we've been presented with what may surprise fans as one of our least favourite episodes of the show ever!

Why do we view this seemingly innocuous episode with such contempt? Well, boys and gals, you'll have to listen to find out, but let's just say it has a little to do with Benny Linus using his chemistry set to try and brew up a love potion!

Boys? Let's get to it!

The Other Woman Commentary

WARNING- This episode may mark the emergence of Ben's love, some would say obsession, for dial-up internet access.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

WHINECAST- 'Lincoln'

Holla holla holla, Playas!

It's time for WHINECAST to return with our review of Stevie Spielberg's latest, an inaccurate biopic of Abe Lincoln which sadly ignores both his predisposition for being a slayer of the vampyres and also his intermittent adventures through time with Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves.

But, never mind, as the film which is served up is certainly a treat for discussion and one which we actually have a genuine disagreement about, where we almost come to blows.

So, grow a funny beard, stick on your stovepipe hat and start making sweeping decisions against the wishes of the people you represent, it's time to get down and dirty with Stinkin' Lincoln!

Lincoln Review

WARNING-  This review may feature a surprisingly absence of talk about Daniel Day-Lewis's awesome face!

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

WHINECAST- 'Zero Dark Thirty'

It's time for WHINECAST to head to the movies once again and this week it's to see the critically acclaimed, controversy baiting ZERO DARK THIRTY, directed by young Kathy Bigelow.

So, are we wrapped up in the investigation against poor old Bin Laden? Are we thrilled, chilled and terrified as his wherabouts are extracted via torture? Are we able to remember what Jessica Chastain's boobs were like in 'Lawless'?

All these questions AND more will be answered in our brand new WHINECAST!

Boys? Let's get to it.

Zero Dark Thirty Review

WARNING- This review may involve us accidentally endorsing torture, shortly before Chris's brain gives out and he proceeds to make a series of half assed statements that make him seem like the class dunce.

Monday, 28 January 2013

The Lost Rewatch Podcast #76 - 'The Constant'

Boys and gals, it's time for the Lost Rewatch Podcast to return with one of the killer episodes of season 4 and that one that, to this day, leaves plenty of tantalising morsels to discuss/get pissed off by. So, go mental in a chopper, leave the tap running and make a expensive international call, it's time to make the Lost Rewatch Podcast your constant!

WARNING- This episode may feature some of that Timey Wimey business that leaves your brain dribbling out of your nose.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

WHINECAST- 'Les Miserables' review

Hello there, Film fans!

Well, last week, with old 'Django' we did suggest we might do this - and indeed we have :a full review for Tom Hooper's adaptation of 'Les Miserables'! We wanted to take ourselves out of our comfort zone a bit with this review, to try and get our thoughts on a film that we might not traditionally associate with the WHINECAST analysis and boy, we had a rootin' tootin' good time!

So, end your slavery, become the mayor, go on the run and then eventually die as we get ready to feel miserable!

Les Miserables Review

WARNING- This review may feature some pathetically incorrect pronunciations of character names.

Monday, 21 January 2013

The Lost Rewatch Podcast #75 - 'Eggtown'

Okay then, playas, it's time to dive back in with this week's edition of the Lost Rewatch Podcast!

This week, it's time for good old Katie to get herself a flash forward which means that shit is going to go down serious style in the courtroom.

So, get ready to take the stand and lie through your teeth as we pay a visit to 'Eggtown'!

Eggtown Commentary

WARNING- This episode may feature Kate's mother stubbornly clinging on to life like sputum in a porcelain sink

Friday, 18 January 2013

WHINECAST- 'Django Unchained'

Hello there, film fans!

It's time for one of the releases of the year that the two of us have been most eagerly anticipating- the new production from famed writer/directior Quentin Travers. Yes, that's right, it's time to get to grips with QT's western epic 'Django Unchained'.

Much like the film, it's a lengthy one for us this time, but that's because we just can't seem to decide exactly how we feel about the latest entry in the QT canon.

So,  it's time to turns on your masters, practice your German and get ready to blow up the plantation!

Boys? Let's get to it

Django Unchained Review

WARNING- This review may hypocritically feature two boys banging on for far too long about knowing when to stop

Monday, 14 January 2013

The Lost Rewatch Podcast #74 - 'The Economist'

Hola, Losties!

We're back this week with one of the true gems of Lost season 4, the Sayid centric 'The Economist'. However, as great as this episode is, it does leave us with a few puzzling questions about how the flash forward fits into the shoW as it eventually develops and boy, you can bet your bottom dollar that we discuss 'dem concerns to the proper max!

So, get out your hair straighteners, attach your silencer and get ready to flirt with an exotic foreigner-because shit is about to get truly real!

The Economist Commentary

WARNING- This episode may feature Sayid making sweet love to a woman, only to have her die moments later...AGAIN.

Monday, 7 January 2013

The Lost Rewatch Podcast #73 'Confirmed Dead'

Well then! No sooner have we got used to these new fangled flash forwards, those pesky Lost producers throw a bloomin' flashback in our faces! But fear not, as this mother is multi centric and introduces us to a gang that we know and love, those delightful Freighter Folk (TM)

So, throw your bags out of the chopper and prepare to open your 'chute as we get ready to analyse this delightful slice of the Lost pie!

Confirmed Dead Commentary

WARNING- This episode may feature the introduction of Frank The Penis, known worldwide for his massive member, which measures sixteen inches when fully erect (it varies when relaxed).

Saturday, 5 January 2013

WHINECAST- 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey' review

We're as surprised as you are that we've got to this stage, but it's true, we've decided to finally do a review of Philip Jackson's newest cinematic endeavour- 'The Hobbit Number One'.

So, Listeners, strap yourself in for a wild ride as we discuss three part adaptations, 48 frames-per-second, three dimensions and a bunch of dwarves which some would uncharitably describe as being 'as thick as pigshit'.

Let's get to it!

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Review

WARNING- This review may insinuate that Bilbo Baggins possesses 'extreme' animal pornography.