Thursday, 18 July 2013

WHINECAST - 'Pacific Rim' review

Go big, or go extinct.

So says the tag line, but DOES Pacific Rim go big? That's the question we're asking this week in our impromptu review of the Guillermo Del Toro epic. It's a film that's been generating a lot of different and strong reactions and, boy, what you will get from us in this case is DEFINITELY a strong reaction.

Advance warning to listeners- due to the heat wave currently assaulting the UK, we had to record this one with an electric fan running, which seems to have impacted quite heavily on the sound quality. Apologies for this, we hope the audio is understandable and we'll be making better plans for this in our upcoming 'The World's End' review.

'Pacific Rim' Review

WARNING - This may be the only review of 'Pacific Rim' that compares the film to 'The Proposal' and 'Before Sunrise'.