Monday, 11 March 2013

The Lost Rewatch Podcast #82 - 'Cabin Fever'

Buckle your safety belts, Lost fans - it's time for a little dose of CABIN FEVER. Yes, the eleventh episode of Lost Season 4 takes a delightful trip back in time as we return to a format that is now a true rarity- a flashback for a survivor of Oceanic 815. Of course, if you want an 815er to bring home the flashback bacon, then you've got to turn over the reins to old Johnny Locke who brings the pain and thunder with him like a true playa.

Of course, we've got more than Johnny Locke to deal with this week as we finally get the opportunity to get our teeth thoroughly stuck into some of Jacob's  'motivations', something that in many ways is the starting pistol for what we like to call 'Jacob's wind-up of 2007'!

So, roll up some Dharma leaf, bang on some Buddy Holly and get ready to get feverish!

Cabin Fever Commentary

WARNING- This episode may feature John Locke failing the Daz doorstep challenge