Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Twelve Months of Terror - 'My Bloody Valentine' review

Holla holla, playas!

So, from time to time, we here at WHINECAST like to dip our toe to into projects that arouse, excite and arouse us. One of our most faithful supporters, RJ Bayley of hit film blog 'Goats in the Machine' (ha ha, wordplay!), has approached us with a project so terrifying that, upon hearing about it, we immediately shat ourselves both from the aforementioned terror and then, ultimately, anticipation.

The project in question is TWELVE MONTHS OF TERROR, a horror discussion project that lasts for an unclear amount of time. The basic dealio is that month by month throughout 2013 RJ Bayley and his lovely AND talented companion Louise Boyd will be commenting on a series of classic horror films throughout the decades, through the time honoured format of the audio commentary. After last month's installment of 'New Year's Evil' (ha, ha wordplay!), the dynamic duo have returned to discuss slasher classic 'My Bloody Valentine' and hell, we've decided to get off our arses and join 'em!

So, click below to hear WHINECAST's review of this SLASHER CLASSIC and head on over to goatsinthemachine.wordpress.com to check out RJ and Lou's excellent commentary, which fans of WHINECAST commentaries are guaranteed to enjoy!

Enough o' this jibber jabber- let's get to it!

My Bloody Valentine Review

WARNING- This review may reveal in us an ugly vein of sadism towards 'the youths'.