Thursday, 28 February 2013

WHINECAST- 'Cloud Atlas'

Righto then!

We've actually had this bad boy in the bag for almost a full week, but finding a slot to deliver our thoughts on this MIND THINKER of a film has proved tricky! But here we are and it's finally time to sit down and try and work out our reaction to what has to be one of the most undeniably interesting releases of recent times.

But, the question remains, is 'Cloud Atlas' genuine poppycock? Or a subtle work of genius? Frankly, we can't quite make our mind up, but we're going to have ourselves a hell of a time trying to work it out!

Join us on a journey through time and space, where we all wear latex make up and are occasionally bizarrely compelling!

Cloud Atlas Review

WARNING- This review may feature two boys struggling to decide what the hell they think of life, the universe and everything.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Twelve Months of Terror - 'My Bloody Valentine' review

Holla holla, playas!

So, from time to time, we here at WHINECAST like to dip our toe to into projects that arouse, excite and arouse us. One of our most faithful supporters, RJ Bayley of hit film blog 'Goats in the Machine' (ha ha, wordplay!), has approached us with a project so terrifying that, upon hearing about it, we immediately shat ourselves both from the aforementioned terror and then, ultimately, anticipation.

The project in question is TWELVE MONTHS OF TERROR, a horror discussion project that lasts for an unclear amount of time. The basic dealio is that month by month throughout 2013 RJ Bayley and his lovely AND talented companion Louise Boyd will be commenting on a series of classic horror films throughout the decades, through the time honoured format of the audio commentary. After last month's installment of 'New Year's Evil' (ha, ha wordplay!), the dynamic duo have returned to discuss slasher classic 'My Bloody Valentine' and hell, we've decided to get off our arses and join 'em!

So, click below to hear WHINECAST's review of this SLASHER CLASSIC and head on over to to check out RJ and Lou's excellent commentary, which fans of WHINECAST commentaries are guaranteed to enjoy!

Enough o' this jibber jabber- let's get to it!

My Bloody Valentine Review

WARNING- This review may reveal in us an ugly vein of sadism towards 'the youths'.

Monday, 25 February 2013

The Lost Rewatch Podcast #80 - 'The Shape of Things to Come'

Ladies and gennleman, it's time for a very special edition of the Lost Rewatch Podcast!

Yes, unbelievably, this week is our 80th edition and boy, has it been a an undeniably epic journey in which we've felt ALL the emotions!

Appropriately enough for a birthday edition, this week's episode truly shows us the shape of things to come in Lost, with the fittingly titled Ben flashforward - 'The Shape of Things to Come'. So, wake up in Tunisia, have a sick and assault some natives- because Benny L is on the scene and that means shit is going down, down in an earlier round.

The Shape of Things to Come Commentary

WARNING- This episode proves that if a playa has an extendable baton, he canNOT be kept down

Thursday, 21 February 2013

BlogalongaBond - 'Skyfall' commentary

Well, the dust has finally settled on the epic project of epicness that was BlogalongaBond. The whole world turned out for Jimmy Bond's adventures in 'Skyfall' and we couldn't be happier with the success of the film. But what's this? Rumblings of discontent? It's TRUE.

Whilst we at WHINECAST love old 'Skyfall' to bits, we also think the film has a few short comings that may be being overlooked in the glare of euphoria surrounding the film. So , there's only one thing for it. It's time for us to pony up and ride into battle bearing the BlogalongaBond banner one last time as we deliver our full length audio commentary for what many have called 'the best Bond ever'.

We're going to applaud, laugh, scowl, moan and celebrate our way through the latest Dannii Craig opus and you'd be fools not to join us!

Boys? Let's get to it.

Skyfall Commentary

WARNING- This commentary may feature us having the nerve to partially disagree with the rest of the world

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Monday, 18 February 2013

The Lost Rewatch Podcast #79 - 'Meet Kevin Johnson'

Ahoy there, mateys!

It's time to take a trip back in time this week, with our old friend Kevin Johnson- AKA - Michael the Killer Man. Yes, it's true, it's time to see what Old Mikey got up to off the island and what the hell brought him back to being first mate on the ship of DOOM!

Will we be satisfied? Disappointed? Aroused? The options are SO many.

Boys? Let's get to it.

Meet Kevin Johnson Commentary

WARNING- This episode may feature Michael not bothering to try hanging, drowning or, the old classic, wrist cutting in his pathetic attempts to end his life.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

WHINECAST- 'A Good Day to Die Hard' review

Well well!

The vultures are circling because boy, that carcass is ripe! Yes, reviews for DIE HARD FIVE have not been overly positive and, after much consideration and a recent viewing of the film, the WHINECAST boys have decided that this negativity stems primarily from the film being almost entirely bobbins.

But how bobbins can one film be? Can a meagre 90 minutes eradicate a franchise that's been going relatively strong for several decades? The only way to find out is to take your generic, non-brand specific MP3 player and listen to the delights contained within our HOT OFF THE PRESS REVIEW of DIE HARD FIVE.

A Good Day to Die Hard Review

WARNING- This film may feature John McClane untruthfully stating his is 'on vacation' on an alarming number of occasions.

Monday, 11 February 2013

The Lost Rewatch Podcast #78 - 'Ji Yeon'

Hello Playas!

This week we're looking at the seventh episode of 'Lost' season four, the Jin/Sun centric 'Ji Yeon'. Now, fans of the 'Lost Rewatch Podcast' will be well aware that for us, Jin and Sun could hardly be called our favourite characters on 'Lost'. But will the flashforward angle of this season result in storylines that will change our minds on the subject of Jin/Sun centrics? Basically, no.

But, for once, our criticism isn't entirely levelled at the characters of Jin and Sun, but, in this case, a certain storytelling format employed for this episode that rather gets our goat up!

So, buy yourself a panda, lose it, buy another panda and then realise your storyline means nothing as we get ready to discuss the little lady known as 'Ji Yeon'.

Ji Yeon Commentary

WARNING- This episode may involve Bernard making some bold assumptions about Jin's ability to understand and converse in English.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

WHINECAST- 'Hitchcock' review

The old WHINECAST boys have toddled off to the pictures yet again-  on this occasion they've been lucky enough to sneak into an advance screening of the new Hitchcock biopic, handily entitled 'Hitchcock'.

So, listeners, take a seat, light up your pipe and get ready for some hardcore discussion as we dissect the film in relation to our own experiences of 'the master of suspenders', our recent viewing of 'Psycho' and, most importantly, our extremely recent viewing of the HBO/BBC co-production 'The Girl' starring the wonderful Toby Jones as the rotund master.

Who wins between Jones and Hopkins? Which depiction is more horrifically unsettling? Would we rather bed Sienna Miller or Scarlett JoJo? All these questions AND more are answered within!

Hitchcock Review

WARNING- This podcast may feature us expressing our extreme admiration for Ed Gein, who we both agree 'really went for it'.

Monday, 4 February 2013

The Lost Rewatch Podcast #77 - 'The Other Woman'

Au revoir, Losties!

We're back this week with our commentary for the Juliette-centric 'The Other Woman'. Now, as we all know, old Jules is usually a banker when it comes to a good centric, however this week we've been presented with what may surprise fans as one of our least favourite episodes of the show ever!

Why do we view this seemingly innocuous episode with such contempt? Well, boys and gals, you'll have to listen to find out, but let's just say it has a little to do with Benny Linus using his chemistry set to try and brew up a love potion!

Boys? Let's get to it!

The Other Woman Commentary

WARNING- This episode may mark the emergence of Ben's love, some would say obsession, for dial-up internet access.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

WHINECAST- 'Lincoln'

Holla holla holla, Playas!

It's time for WHINECAST to return with our review of Stevie Spielberg's latest, an inaccurate biopic of Abe Lincoln which sadly ignores both his predisposition for being a slayer of the vampyres and also his intermittent adventures through time with Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves.

But, never mind, as the film which is served up is certainly a treat for discussion and one which we actually have a genuine disagreement about, where we almost come to blows.

So, grow a funny beard, stick on your stovepipe hat and start making sweeping decisions against the wishes of the people you represent, it's time to get down and dirty with Stinkin' Lincoln!

Lincoln Review

WARNING-  This review may feature a surprisingly absence of talk about Daniel Day-Lewis's awesome face!