Monday, 4 November 2013

The Lost Rewatch Podcast #115 'What They Died For'

It's staggering to think, but we are finally, no jokes, at the penultimate episode of this entire journey. It's been the very longest of roads to get here, but we have one last intake of breath before the storm unleashes in our final episode, so sit yourself down by the campfire and let young Jacob causally snack on his Dairylea Dunker (TM) as he tells you all about chalk, walls and how they sometimes interact!

'What They Died For' Commentary

WARNING - Please be aware than when attending the concert, in addition to presenting your ticket, you will be expects to receive a full cavity search from Eloise Widmore. Additionally, those with sensitive ears should near in mind that it will be WALT on drums and he has a tendency to just smack them as hard as possible, so please consider bringing earplugs.