Thursday, 20 June 2013

Twelve Months of Terror- 'The Stepfather' Review

We are returning once more to good friend and local legend @rjbayley 's horror themed opus TWELVE MONTHS OF TERROR, this week focusing on the 80s-tastic 'The Stepfather'.

Now, we're always up for a bit of TERROR, but this month's film is extremely close to our hearts, as long term fans will suspect, because it stars a young, virile and talented TERRY-OH-QUINN, the master craftsman who we simply adore due to his portrayal of Johnny Locke in the hit TV show 'Lost'. But even without OH-QUINN, this slice of eighties magicks would be a pure joy.

Lets bring some order to things!

'The Stepfather' Review

WARNING- This film may involve the authorities trying to keep a playa down.