Thursday, 24 October 2013

The Marvel Vs DC movie mash-up- 'Superman II'


Well, it's time for the plot of the mash-up to well and truly thicken (and possibly curdle) as we are leaping into the next phase of our look at the Crissy Reeve quartet, with the ambitious, sprawling, ridiculous, funny, disgracefully compromised 'Superman II'.

Partially filmed as part of one giant production with 78's 'Superman', 'II' is a film whose production is what some would describe as 'a bit troubled'. Others would call it 'an express elevator to hell'. Where lies the truth? The only way to find out is to listen to our damn commentary, but BEWARE, good listener - it's vital to recall that this instalment is recorded for the theatrical Richard Lester cut, known to contain at least 36% more dung!

'Superman II' Commentary