Thursday, 19 December 2013

WHINECAST - Doctor Who - 'The Eleventh Hour' commentary

It's Christmas!

You can't have failed to notice because of all the Christmas stuff everywhere! Now,we all know that an integral aspect of the Christmas experience is the 'Doctor Who' special and this year is even more special than most, as we're saying goodbye to the wonderfully talented Matty Smith, who's moving on to pastures vague.

It's hard to believe it's four years since Smitty first donned the bow tie, but here we are, on the verge of a new Doctor and a new direction for the show. So, we at WHINECAST decided to give Smitty the send off he deserves by sitting down and recording a commentary for his very first episode 'The Eleventh Hour'!

So, step back in time to 2010 and prepare to be introduced to a new production team, a new showrunner, a new companion and, of course, a new doctor!

'The Eleventh Hour' Commentary

We salute you, Matty Smith, you achieved the impossible and convinced an entire generation that bow ties truly are cool!