Monday, 11 February 2013

The Lost Rewatch Podcast #78 - 'Ji Yeon'

Hello Playas!

This week we're looking at the seventh episode of 'Lost' season four, the Jin/Sun centric 'Ji Yeon'. Now, fans of the 'Lost Rewatch Podcast' will be well aware that for us, Jin and Sun could hardly be called our favourite characters on 'Lost'. But will the flashforward angle of this season result in storylines that will change our minds on the subject of Jin/Sun centrics? Basically, no.

But, for once, our criticism isn't entirely levelled at the characters of Jin and Sun, but, in this case, a certain storytelling format employed for this episode that rather gets our goat up!

So, buy yourself a panda, lose it, buy another panda and then realise your storyline means nothing as we get ready to discuss the little lady known as 'Ji Yeon'.

Ji Yeon Commentary

WARNING- This episode may involve Bernard making some bold assumptions about Jin's ability to understand and converse in English.