Monday, 14 October 2013

The Lost Rewatch Podcast #112 - 'The Last Recruit'

Holy Mozoh! They're are only five episode left of this entire project, something that stuns, confuses, arouses, excites and, of course, saddens us. But there's no time to get reflective yet, as we've got a gosh darned podcast to deliver!

This week, it's ALL kicking off, with a much anticipated face off between Jack and the Man in Black, Desmond chilling out, flush from his success at performing a perfect dive and, of course, the conclusion to the longest occurrence of a separated couple being reunited in all of fiction!

'The Last Recruit' Commentary

WARNING - it's vital, if you haven't yet received your concert tickets, that you call the booking office immediately and ask them to redeem your tickets with the code attached to your original receipt email.