Monday, 28 October 2013

The Lost Rewatch Podcast #114 - 'Across the Sea'

Ladies and gentlemen, it's been a long and winding road to get here, but I think it's fair to say that we're now truly, undeniably in the end game of this epic project. We have had the time of our lives debating, laughing, rejoicing and criticising but it's very soon that this bad boy will be coming to a close.

But we're not quite there yet, and we feel confident in saying that for the Lost Rewatch Podcast, the best is yet to come, something never more true than in this week's episode, which is arguably the jewel in the crown of the whole podcast.

This week, in doing commentary for 'Across the Sea' we're finally coming face to face with one of the most unique, divisive and just plain important episodes of the whole show, an episode on which we flash back further than ever before to an hour of TV that many felt was 'off topic' upon its initial airing. We'll be discussing whether or not that's a fair assessment, but one thing that won't be up for discussion is that, like the episode or not, 'Across the Sea' pretty much sets out the stall of the creative team in terms of what aspects of the story they want to prioritise and focus on in its final countdown. It's not an exaggeration to say that your reaction to 'Across the Sea' may very well determine your perception of the entire series as a whole, and we give the episode it's due in a podcast that might be described by some as 'epic', by others as 'really bloody long'.

Either way, it's time to let this bitch out of the bag! We hope you enjoy this bumper edition of the Lost Rewatch Podcast and we hope you'll be with us for the final two episodes!

'Across the Sea' Commentary

WARNING - This episode proves that there's no more thorough form of post-labour pain relief than a big rock to the head.