Tuesday, 29 January 2013

WHINECAST- 'Zero Dark Thirty'

It's time for WHINECAST to head to the movies once again and this week it's to see the critically acclaimed, controversy baiting ZERO DARK THIRTY, directed by young Kathy Bigelow.

So, are we wrapped up in the investigation against poor old Bin Laden? Are we thrilled, chilled and terrified as his wherabouts are extracted via torture? Are we able to remember what Jessica Chastain's boobs were like in 'Lawless'?

All these questions AND more will be answered in our brand new WHINECAST!

Boys? Let's get to it.

Zero Dark Thirty Review

WARNING- This review may involve us accidentally endorsing torture, shortly before Chris's brain gives out and he proceeds to make a series of half assed statements that make him seem like the class dunce.