Monday, 1 April 2013

The Lost Rewatch Podcast #85 - 'Because You Left'

Oh, my cheeky playas!

You were probably thinking we'd be having our traditional break between seasons, weren't you? You thought we'd leave you hanging, that we'd try to keep you down? Nonsense! We're diving back into the podcast with the first episode of season 5, the timey wimey 'Because You Left'.

It's the penultimate season of the show and with that, we're finally seeing the bugger set out its stall as a fully fledged sci-fi extravaganza, one with plenty of time travel thrown in to boot!

So, get your records skipping, feed the baby and film yet another one of those feckin' orientation videos- it's time for season 5!

Because You Left Commentary

WARNING- This episode may feature Jack getting over that whole addiction thing pretty swiftly