Monday, 1 July 2013

The Lost Rewatch Podcast #98 'The Variable

Well, hello there, Lostie-poohs!

This week is a pretty significant moment for us at the Rewatch Podcast as 'The Variable' marks the one hundredth produced hour of the show, a knee weakening fact! But what does the one hundredth episode have in store for us? Well, a companion piece to season four's 'The Constant', we've got a range of treats for you this week - a classic bad parent storyline, a series of wigs for Faraday and a sweaty agitated man speaking persuasively to a young girl in a park - what more could you want?!?

Happy birthday, Lost!

'The Variable' Commentary

WARNING - This episode may involve Radzinksy being well up for capping off some shots in a area heavily populated by innocents