Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The Lost Rewatch Podcast #105 - 'Sundown'

Hello again, playas!

So, apologies for our absence last week and our lateness this week, our schedules have been bounced all over the place by illness, dogs, weddings, bank holidays and oh so much more!

But we're BACK now and ready to delve once more in the treasure trove that is Lost's final season. But is it treasure or face melting ghosts we find inside? That's the question and one we'll try to answer in this week's surprise Sayid centric episode. There'll be fights, poisoning, stabbing and most importantly, Sayid considering having a crack at his brothers wife!

'Sundown' Commentary

WARNING - This episode may involve Sayid trying to force a baseball up Dougal's arse, with mixed results

Friday, 23 August 2013

WHINECAST - 'Ben Affleck is The Batman!'

Well, sugar my tits, I didn't see this one coming!

After recent reports of Christian Bale being offered ownership of Finland to return for a little Brucie Bonus, old Zack Snyder has plopped out an unexpected stunner of casting with Hollywood punchline turned respected director Ben Affleck taking the role of BANTAM in the upcoming sort of sequel to 'Man of Steel'. 

A surprising choice and one that's left the Internet abuzz with plenty of good old fashioned criticism. But sack that shit off, because WHINECAST is here to give you our opinion on the matter, which studies indicate is substantially more valid than that of others! 


Thursday, 15 August 2013

WHINECAST - 'Return of the Playaz'

Well, we've had this boy in the bag for awhile and now it's time to unleash it! Yes, we're making good on our promise of delivering (or bloody trying to) new content on a Thursday and this week we have a good old natter about this...about that...before finally settling down into a discussion of the resurrection of the Star Wars franchise, with old JJ Abrams at the helm.

Punch it!

'Return of the Playaz'

WARNING - This podcast may seem like it has nothing to do with Star Wars for the longest time

Monday, 12 August 2013

The Lost Rewatch Podcast #104 - 'Lighthouse'

What's that in the distance? Is it a lighthouse? No, it's the dawning realisation that the pace of season 6 is slowing way down and, most alarmingly, our tickets for The Concert haven't come through the post yet! But fear not, as this episode is going to deliver us some distractions in the form of further alarming insights into the cracked mind of the man-child that is Jacob! 'Lighthouse' Commentary WARNING- this episode may make you feel differently about Dairylea Dunker'

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

The Lost Rewatch Podcast #103- 'The Substitute'

Well! This week we try our hardest to get our head around the fact Locke is back in his wheelchair and more important why he thinks he can jump out of his car.

As we get closer to the finish line you may notice the length of the episode increase but we are extremely proud of the work and hope you enjoy!!

'The Substitute' Commentary

WARNING- This is the first ever blog post Written by @billowl and from the looks of it we all hope the Last!!!!

Sunday, 4 August 2013

WHINECAST - 'The New Doctor'

Well, after all the rumours, the speculation, the virtual assurance that it was going to be Peter Capaldi, Doctor Who fans were shocked this evening when it was revealed that , actually, the twelfth doctor would be played by...Peter...Capaldi. But what the hell do we think of this news? Inspired casting? Horrific mistake? Press play on this audio entertainment piece and you'll have the answers flowing into your ears like oh so much honey!
'The New Doctor' WARNING- This podcast may feature us realising that we have several years of very foul mouthed YouTube mash-ups on our hands

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Twelve Months of Terror - 'Stitches' review

Don't think you're safe 'cos it's not over! You thought you'd had enough of our addition to RJ Bayley's horror opus for the time being, but boy, you are SO wrong - as we are back with our review of the Ross Noble starring 'Stitches'. We've got an undead killer clown, we've got Lis Sladen's son, we've got tons of teenage totty- what's not to like? Well, a few things at the very least, but there's going to be shit tons of blood to attempt to drown our doubts with. Everybody happy? 'Stitches' Review
WARNING - This film may feature a cabal of supernatural entertainers