Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The Lost Rewatch Podcast #105 - 'Sundown'

Hello again, playas!

So, apologies for our absence last week and our lateness this week, our schedules have been bounced all over the place by illness, dogs, weddings, bank holidays and oh so much more!

But we're BACK now and ready to delve once more in the treasure trove that is Lost's final season. But is it treasure or face melting ghosts we find inside? That's the question and one we'll try to answer in this week's surprise Sayid centric episode. There'll be fights, poisoning, stabbing and most importantly, Sayid considering having a crack at his brothers wife!

'Sundown' Commentary

WARNING - This episode may involve Sayid trying to force a baseball up Dougal's arse, with mixed results