Monday, 27 May 2013

The Lost Rewatch Podcast #93 - 'Namaste'

Aloha, Losties!

This week, we're back with our old friends in the Dharma Initiative and we get to see Sawyer attempt desperately to conceal an extremely transparent lie, but fair play to the PLAYA, he sure gives it a darn good try!

Season 5 continues to hit an excellent stride this week, so listen in wonder as we have relatively little to bitch about!

'Namaste' Commentary

WARNING- This episode may involve Radzinsky starting his campaign for 'dickhead of the year'

Thursday, 23 May 2013

The Matrix Re-evaluated - 'The Matrix Revolutions'

Well, as the Oracle says, when something does a start, one day it's bound to have a finish!

Yes, Playas, the wonderful month of May is gradually coming to a close, so that means our retrospective look back at the 'Matrix' franchise is finally ending. What are our final thoughts? Does the trilogy come to a rousing conclusion, or slide out like a repulsive bowel movement? To answer this vital question, we've once again enlisted the talents of Old Pal Tom Lewis, who's going to help us put this bitch firmly in the ground.

Do me an ending!

'The Matrix Revolutions' Commentary

WARNING- This episode may involve our bodies, minds and souls dissolved through the process of five hours of continuous recording!

Monday, 20 May 2013

The Lost Rewatch Podcast #92 'LaFleur'

Howdy, Lostohs!

This week, season 5 takes another leap forward as we get the delight of seeing the gang frolicking with the Dharma initiative and it's just as enjoyable, exciting and arousing as you would expect, so lets get to it!

'LaFleur' Commentary

WARNING- This episode may involve Sawyer leaping past Phil on the Dharma career ladder

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Doctor Who - 'The Name of The Doctor'

Well gosh golly!

We seem to have reached the end of Series 7 of the revived Who and it's been a decidedly mixed bag. We've had great episodes, we've had mediocre ones, but the pressure of the series finale remains as strong as ever, if not stronger because of the need to tee an audience up for the upcoming 50th anniversary.

So, did the finale deliver? Did we get the skinny on Clara? Are we pumped for the 50th?

Find out within!

The Name of The Doctor Review

WARNING: This episode may introduce a first time, unknown actor to our screens.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

THE MATRIX RE-EVALUATED - 'The Matrix Reloaded' commentary

Well, hello!

We're leaping recklessly back into a world of digital fisticuffs this week as we continue our retrospective look at The Matrix franchise. This time, we're providing commentary for 'The Matrix Reloaded' a film that proved incredibly divisive upon its release. To help us with this enormous burden, we've brought in guest star @roguevox to lend a hand and, boy, he doesn't disappoint!

Let's have some agro!

The Matrix Reloaded Commentary

WARNING- this commentary may involve Neil choosing not to order a Family Feast

Monday, 13 May 2013

WHINECAST - Doctor Who: 'Nightmare in Silver'

How do, Whovians?

We're finally here with our belated review of this week's episode of Doctor Who, the Neil Gaiman penned 'Nightmare in Silver'. Of course, Gaiman's previous writing credit on the show 'The Doctor's Wife' was widely hailed as one of the best episodes ever, so can 'Silver' possibly compete? Does it even need to? Does Clara give any cheeky, knee weakening looks?

The answers lie within!

Nightmare in Silver Review

WARNING- This episode may feature some of the worst child acting this side of 'The Phantom Menace'

The Lost Rewatch Podcast #91 'The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham'

Hi there, Lost fans!

It's time for a bit of a novelty episode this week as we finally get to dive into the much anticipated antics of Johnny Locke after he leaves the island to try and organise the Oceanic Six comeback tour. But will it be a good episode? Will it satisfy our craving for information about the circumstances that lead to that bleedin' coffin from almost two seasons ago?

There's only one way to find out!

The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham Commentary

WARNING- This episode may feature Johnny Locke pushed to suicide with surprising ease.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

WHINECAST - 'Star Trek Into Darkness' review

Holla holla, playas!

We're back once again to review the much anticipated continuation of the rebooted Star Trek franchise and Spoiler Spoiler, it's pretty darn good! We went into this review hoping to keep it short, but it turns out we were so passionate about the film that we just couldn't shut our goddamn traps!

So, get ready to travel to the stars, where you will see falling spaceships, flying men and stunning blondes with delightful thighs!

Star Trek Into Darkness Review

WARNING- This episode may see Benedict Cumberbatch forever renamed as Benji Cumbuns.

THE MATRIX RE-EVALUATED- 'The Animatrix' commentary

And now for something completely different!

Yes, it's truesies, after kicking off The Matrix Re-Evaluated project with our commentary for little known '99 classic 'The Matrix', we decided that any real look back at the franchise would, if it was being fair and complete, have to take into account 'The Animatrix' so we took on the task of providing commentary for the nine short films which acted as our first glimpse of the world beyond 'The Matrix', a world which was to leave an unpleasant taste in the mouth for many come the release of the sequels.

We recorded our commentary from the blu-ray release of 'The Animatrix' rather than the DVD release, meaning that, unlike the DVD release, this commentary does not include full credits for 'The Animatrix' after each short has finished, so to allow everyone to sync up their commentaries after each short, we've left a clearly indicated pause. Don't worry too much, as we explain it in the audio itself.

Boys? Let's do one.

The Animatrix Commentary

WARNING- This commentary may include us feeling all nostalgia filled for our lost youth.

Monday, 6 May 2013

The Lost Rewatch Podcast #90 - '316'

Ladies and Gentiles, welcome to the ninetieth edition of the Lost Rewatch Podcast! It's all crackin' off this week, Jack's makin' up a Grandad, Sayid's havin' himself a sexy rendezvous and Kate and Hurley are lazin' by the poolside- so let's get ourselves stuck in, SHALL WE???

316 Commentary

WARNING: this episode may feature Jin loving his life of driving round the island in his weed-mobile, finding Hostiles with which to get hiiiiiiiigh.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

WHINECAST- Doctor Who 'The Crimson Horror' review

Apparently, there's trouble at 'mill, which can only mean one thing- that it's time for the WHINECAST boys to tool up and get ready to review this week's instalment of modest TV success DOCTOR WHO. This week, we're going up 'North for a comedy-horror onslaught which, because we're children, we were really rather fond of!

Crimson Horror Review

WARNING: This episode may feature Lady V prepping her posse to try and unleash some Coleman's sauce.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Twelve Months of Terror - ' Dead Snow' review

Do you like zombies? Of course.

Do you like Nazis? Naturally!

Then it's time to join us as we dip back into the TWELVE MONTHS OF TERROR project spearheaded by RJ Bayley at This time it's VE Day, so it's the turn of 'Dead Snow', which is going to bring us (in addition to the aforementioned Nazi zombies) snow, blood, gold, snowmobiles, blood and a star studded cast including Boris Johnson, JJ Abrams and Rachael McAdams!

Dead Snow Review

WARNING- This episode may feature us debating the etiquette of ass to mouth foreplay on a first date.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

THE MATRIX RE-EVALUATED - 'The Matrix' commentary

Ladies and gents, it's the month of May so that, of course, means it's time to kick off our moderately anticipated project designed to, on the ten year anniversary of the Matrix sequels' release, take a look back at the Matrix franchise-  to try and evaluate what it was that captured the imagination of so many back in 1999 and to try and identify the ways that the 2003 sequels managed to disappoint so many and so thoroughly. What was wrong with the sequels? What was right? Has the franchise as a whole been misjudged?

But before we get into all that 2003 murkiness, it's time to zip back to the turn of the millennium and get down and dirty discussing the film that began it all, that introduced us to the adventures of Neil, Tricia and Marcellus - let's jack into 'The Matrix'!

The Matrix Commentary

WARNING: This commentary may feature a bewildering number of pointless alterations to the names of various characters. Don't ask.