Thursday, 21 February 2013

BlogalongaBond - 'Skyfall' commentary

Well, the dust has finally settled on the epic project of epicness that was BlogalongaBond. The whole world turned out for Jimmy Bond's adventures in 'Skyfall' and we couldn't be happier with the success of the film. But what's this? Rumblings of discontent? It's TRUE.

Whilst we at WHINECAST love old 'Skyfall' to bits, we also think the film has a few short comings that may be being overlooked in the glare of euphoria surrounding the film. So , there's only one thing for it. It's time for us to pony up and ride into battle bearing the BlogalongaBond banner one last time as we deliver our full length audio commentary for what many have called 'the best Bond ever'.

We're going to applaud, laugh, scowl, moan and celebrate our way through the latest Dannii Craig opus and you'd be fools not to join us!

Boys? Let's get to it.

Skyfall Commentary

WARNING- This commentary may feature us having the nerve to partially disagree with the rest of the world

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