Tuesday, 5 February 2013

WHINECAST- 'Hitchcock' review

The old WHINECAST boys have toddled off to the pictures yet again-  on this occasion they've been lucky enough to sneak into an advance screening of the new Hitchcock biopic, handily entitled 'Hitchcock'.

So, listeners, take a seat, light up your pipe and get ready for some hardcore discussion as we dissect the film in relation to our own experiences of 'the master of suspenders', our recent viewing of 'Psycho' and, most importantly, our extremely recent viewing of the HBO/BBC co-production 'The Girl' starring the wonderful Toby Jones as the rotund master.

Who wins between Jones and Hopkins? Which depiction is more horrifically unsettling? Would we rather bed Sienna Miller or Scarlett JoJo? All these questions AND more are answered within!

Hitchcock Review

WARNING- This podcast may feature us expressing our extreme admiration for Ed Gein, who we both agree 'really went for it'.