Thursday, 2 May 2013

THE MATRIX RE-EVALUATED - 'The Matrix' commentary

Ladies and gents, it's the month of May so that, of course, means it's time to kick off our moderately anticipated project designed to, on the ten year anniversary of the Matrix sequels' release, take a look back at the Matrix franchise-  to try and evaluate what it was that captured the imagination of so many back in 1999 and to try and identify the ways that the 2003 sequels managed to disappoint so many and so thoroughly. What was wrong with the sequels? What was right? Has the franchise as a whole been misjudged?

But before we get into all that 2003 murkiness, it's time to zip back to the turn of the millennium and get down and dirty discussing the film that began it all, that introduced us to the adventures of Neil, Tricia and Marcellus - let's jack into 'The Matrix'!

The Matrix Commentary

WARNING: This commentary may feature a bewildering number of pointless alterations to the names of various characters. Don't ask.