Monday, 4 May 2015

Mad Men- ‘Time and Life’

It’s almost The End, but have they had the TIME of their LIVES?

Yep, we’re just a few short weeks away form the conclusion of Matty Weiner’s timewarp, and for once it actually feels like that - as the show takes a pretty sudden turn this week as we discover that Sterling Cooper will soon be no more, absorbed into Mccann-Ericsson like water into a spongelike advertising agency.

The times are indeed a-changin’ and suddenly our band of lovable alcoholics are going to have to make some real choices about their future - and these poor bastards don’t even know it will be a jetpack-less future. So, spark up a Lucky Strike and get ready for this collection of rogues to take a long hard look in the mirror!

'Time and Life' commentary

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