Sunday, 31 May 2015

‘Jurassic Park III’ retrospective

Oh dear, looks like we’re getting a ROAR deal with this one!

Well, we’re here. Much like a majority lead Conservative party government in the UK, no-one’s exactly sure how things managed to get to this stage, but here we are - casting our weary eyes back over the ‘tryer’ that is Joe Johnston’s ‘Jurassic Park III’. We’re all going to learn something over the course of this retrospective. We’ll learn about regret, about hubris and about the black joy that comes from lowering your ambitions and simply learning to love dinosaurs for the loud, angry monsters that they are.

So, strap yourself in to your ill advised paraglider, take no for an answer from the US embassy and get ready for your childhood to wilt onscreen in such a way that the Star Wars prequels will soon be looking like paragons of engaging and nuanced filmmaking!

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