Sunday, 26 April 2015

Mad Men - ‘The Forecast’ review

A storm is coming - a storm of existential angst that is!

That’s right, WHINECAST is returning once again to the hallowed offices of Sterling Cooper Pooper Trooper and this week we’re dealing with an episode that’s firing on ALL the cylinders. Joan is preparing to go on a five year mission to seek out new lifeforms. Don is pondering where he’s been over the last ten years - and where he’s going. But. most importantly, we have the belated and much heralded return of Creepy Glenn, and this time he’s back to claim every last bit of Betty’s hair, presumably to weave some form of shield to protect him from VC bullets in his upcoming holiday in Vietnam.

Has Don ever been more than just a pretty face? Can Kieran Shipka get any more hilarious? Will Ted be able to finish his entire doughnut before rushing off to another casting couch? All these questions and many, many more will be answered, as we review ‘The Forecast’!

'The Forecast' review

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