Monday, 8 June 2015

BlogalongaStarWars - 'Star Wars - Episode IV: A New Hope'

We’ve got a bad feeling about this!

Yep, it likely won’t have escaped your notice that they’re making another of 'The Star Wars' franchise and, gosh golly, that gets us pumped. So, true to form, we’ve decided to get ready for 'A Forced Awakening’ the only way we know how - by looking back at the existing episodes and getting bloody nostalgic.

But this isn’t only about zipping down memory lane just like Beggar’s Canyon back home, no, this is about looking back at a franchise that pretty much defined our childhoods and asking such vital questions as how many lawsuits against Luke Skywalker has Ben Kenobi quashed, does R2-D2 *like* C-3PO and just what the fuck is Uncle Owen’s problem?

All these questions and many, many more will be answered as we prepare to hit warp speed and travel back to a galaxy far, far away - make it so!

'Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope' commentary

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