Thursday, 22 May 2014

WHINECAST- 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' review

We ALL know the Marvel Vs DC Movie Mash-up, right? Well, get ready for the Proper Amazing Casts Mash-up!

Yep, we've got critical darlings and box office goliaths spilling out all over the place this week, as the X-Men franchise returns to our screens with 'Days of Future Past', taking the beloved cast from the original trilogy and smashing them together with the Sex and Talent team that is the First Cast ensemble.

Combine that with the return of original director and alleged playa Bryan Singer, plus the adaptation of a much loved comics storyline and we've got the potential for something very special indeed. But can the film deliver? Is the huge cast ably serviced? Does the franchise continue its slow slog towards redemption? Will they explain why Xavier is alive?

SO many questions and, we can assure you, SOME of them will be answered in the below podcast!

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