Monday, 19 May 2014

WHINECAST and Goats in the Machine review 'Godzilla'!

Last weekend, something momentous happened.

The streets shook. Buildings shifted. Rubble fell. People screamed. Yes, it's true, WHINECAST's @ChrisSykes108 took a journey up to Eden Burg in The Scotch Land and joined @RJBayley of to review the hulking goliath currently smashing it's way through cinemas worldwide - GODZILLA.

Yep, the king of monsters is back and this time he left Matthew Broderick at home. But is this a good thing? Does Gareth Edwards deliver the goods and bring everyone's favourite behemoth back to life for a new generation? Well, lay back, place a facemask on, do some light Smack and then drift off into a world of lizard based discussion as we start levelling some skyscrapers!

'Godzilla' Review

WARNING - because he's a right proper idiot, at the 35 minute mark, @ChrisSykes108 drops a pretty major spoiler, so watch yourself, for God's sake!