Thursday, 8 May 2014

Mad Men - 'The Monolith' commentary

A wise man once said 'The times they are a-something something'. Well, he was sure right in respect to this week's episode, as nothing says Father Time better than throwing out all your creative folk (useless hippie slacker types - amirite?) and replacing them with The Matrix 9000, a computer so sophisticated it can accurately predict all the woman Don will ever sleep with.

But aside from a new technological marvel entering the corridors of 'Sterling, Cooper and Someone' we have an even more impressive arrival at the agency - Don's seething resentment! Will our plucky hero be able to swallow the Shit Sandwich put together for him by the partners, this week seasoned with a side of Peggy Superiority? Will he be able to stick to the stipulations laid out for him upon his return to the company, staying off the booze and away from clients?

No. No he won't. 

But don't write off Donny D just yet, as WHINECAST charts our favourite ad man's leap onto the carousel of destiny that will either leave him standing above Lou's de-spined corpse like the Predator, or hanging around Grand Central like a high class rent boy. Which will it be? Listen in to find out!

'The Monolith' commentary

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