Sunday, 5 January 2014

WHINECAST - Sherlock - 'The Sign of Three' review

What's that? 

Are those church bells I hear ringing? I think they are, which can only mean it's time for everyone's favourite doctor/soldier/detective/playa to finally tie the knot and for best man Sherlock to face the challenge of his life - resisting his urge to cop off with the pretty Maid of Honour!

Yep, TV's most prolific drama returns to our screen with the second episode of series three, an episode that, in the past, has traditionally been the weakest of the prior 'Sherlock' series. Is that the case tonight? Is the 'curse of two' broken? Can Sherlock solve whilst shitfaced? Can a man wear a belt so tight he fails to notice being fatally stabbed?

The answers to all these questions and OH SO MANY MORE lie within!

'The Signs of Three' Review

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