Wednesday, 1 January 2014

WHINECAST - Sherlock - 'The Empty Hearse' review

It's been, astoundingly, two years since old Sherlock was last on our TV screens, plummeting off a building like a TV being thrown from a hotel room window by a rock star full of Cracks and Bongs. But how did the strangely faced devil survive such a calamity? That's the question that fans have been asking ever since and it's with tonight's episode, 'The Empty Hearse' that our old frenemy Stevie Mothballs and partner in Mark Gatiss crime decide to spill the goods...sort of.

So, tune in to our thoughts on falling off buildings, mood responsive moustaches and the way in which Moffat has come to redefine the term 'playa'.

'The Empty Hearse' Review

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