Friday, 24 January 2014

The Marvel Vs DC movie mash-up- 'Batman & Robin'

It’s the big one! The one we’ve waited for!

The hounds are baying at the door and the filthy peasant townspeople want their Batman back. Yes, we’ve had months making our way through the Mash-up, experienceing highs and lows, but we always knew this day would come, the day in which we’d be facing one of the most reviled films in cinema history. Less popular than ‘Birth of a Nation’ and certainly more morally compromised -it’s JOELY Schumacher’s second, and thankfully, final entry into the Bat-canon (or BATON as it’s known) - the frequently derided BATMAN & ROBIN!

But does the film truly deserve it’s reputation? Does it have any redeemable qualities? IS it the best onscreen depiction of The Bane? Does it allude to Batman raping Mr. Freeze, and should such an allusion be allowed within a children’s film?

These are all questions we’ll attempt to answer (along with what the hell we’re doing about the delay of BATMAN Vs SUPERMAN), so make yourself some tea, spoon the dog, pick at your belly button - ‘cos this will be a podcast to remember!

'Batman & Robin' Commentary

WARNING- This film may feature George Clooney treating Mr. Freeze to some ‘rough justice'