Sunday, 24 July 2016

WHINECAST - ‘Star Trek Beyond’ review

To infinity - and further!

We’re returning and we’re not the only ones, as it’s time to twist again with our good friends from the Enterprise, as they continue to boldly go into the wretched corners of space and trash their extremely expensive ship, big style.

‘Star Trek Beyond’ arrives with a much more muted level of hype than its predecessor, but is this a damning indication of the quality of the film, or something that will work in ‘Beyond’s favour? Will a change of director and new writing allow the rejuvenated franchise to move *ahem* beyond the criticisms that were levelled at ‘Into Darkness’? Or will it be a case of fixing something that wasn’t broken? Most importantly, where has Kirk hidden Alice Eve’s body?

Find out the answers to these (and many, many more) questions by hitting PLAY on your Sony Walk Man NOW

'Star Trek Beyond' review

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