Sunday, 10 July 2016

WHINECAST- ‘Now You See Me 2’ review

It’s the move event of the year!

lol, just kidding - it’s the movie event of the decade! Yes, three years after Mark ‘The Gruffalo’ Ruffalo took time out from his performance as the live action Gruffalo to truly play audiences like a damn fiddle, he returns with his Four Horsemen (*sigh*) in tow to once again bedazzle and befuddle us!

But can this truly inexplicable sequel reach the heady heights of the first film? Will the wonder of magic achieved through CGI ever cease to amaze and confound? Will we be inducted into The Eye and direct the course of society in an entirely unsupervised and undemocratic manner?

Hit PLAY on your Sony Walkman to find out!

'Now You See Me 2' review

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