Saturday, 7 June 2014

The Marvel Vs DC movie mash-up- 'The Dark Knight' commentary

This month, we welcome you to a world without rules, as it's finally time to return to the clutches of the DC family and into the filthy embrace of Chrissy Nolan, as we look back at 'The Dark Knight'.

It's hard to imagine Batman now without this film being in our consciousness, but we try and cast our minds back to 2008, when various parts of Gotham were blowing up like party poppers and mad laughter was echoing from theatre to theatre.

Obviously it's hard to think of this film without Ledger's Joker springing to mind, but the film is stuffed to the gills with great performances, interesting set pieces and barbecued flesh. What we advise is to sit yourself down, pour yourself a healthy amount of brown liquid and let the WHINECAST boys put a smile on that face! 

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