Monday, 16 June 2014

The Doctor Who Rewatch Podcast #1- 'Rose'

So it begins!

Yep, our long gestating mistake is finally birthing itself today, all over the space-time continuum! It seems we haven’t learnt our lesson from , as WHINECAST are diving back into the fray and preparing to have our polarities reversed on a weekly basis- as we look back at every Goddam episode of ‘Doctor Who’ since it’s 2005 revival in a weekly podcast commentary/review.

So, let’s not waste anymore TIME, shall we? (It’s a time travel pun. There will be more. Oh so many more). This week we’re looking at the Russell T Davies scripted ‘Rose’, the episode that coincidentally introduced us to megacompanion Rose Tyler, but more importantly, introduced a giant swathe of viewers to Ecclestone’s brooding, northern, possibly newborn, Ninth (ish) Doctor. We won’t get long to appreciate old Ecclescake’s Doctor, so get ready to board the nostalgia train - all of time and space awaits!

'Rose' commentary

WARNING - Before you download this episode, be sure you have enough SPACE (geddit?) on your generic MP3 player!

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