Tuesday, 11 April 2017

The Stephen King Adaptation Project - ‘The Mist’ (Blu-ray black and white version)

There’s something in the mist! It’s…it’s…it’s another great podcast from All of Whine and Space!

We’re returning this month to something a little different, moving from the horrors of growing up - to the horror of being attacked by tentacled monsters that want to lay spider larvae inside you. We’re sitting down to watch 2007’s ‘The Mist’, directed by frequent King collaborator Frank Darabont. Adapted from yet another novella, it’s a film that both of us have previously held in high regard - but will it manage to retain its impact with us after multiple viewings? What made us decide to view the black and white version of the film? And, years after the fact, how do we now feel about THAT ending?

Find out all that and so much more - in the latest podcast in The Stephen King Adaptation Project!

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