Tuesday, 7 February 2017

The Stephen King Adaptation Project -‘The Shining’ (1997) Part 2 commentary

Let it shine!

Yes, The Stephen Kind Adaptation Project is back - and we’re returning to the eerily familiar Overlook Hotel for a second spooky, scary, scream-filled week!

But why will we find there? A Jack Torrance who isn’t absolutely bananas from the very first shot? A Wendy who has some semblance of bladder control? A Danny that coins the hit song ‘I Love Snow’? Most importantly, will the antics of these three little pigs titilate us beyond what old Stanley presented to us in the 1980 adaptation? Or will we go full on crackers like that old cracker Jack Nicholson and demand to return to the embrace of Kubrick’s labyrinth forever and ever and ever?

'The Shining' (1997) Part 2 commentary

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Documentary on the production of The Shining (1980)