Wednesday, 4 January 2017

'Sherlock - The Six Thatchers' review

The match is on! The shit is hot! The game is starting!

Yes, it's that time again, where, much like a rare astrological event that can only be fleetingly witnessed once every few decades, a new series of TV's 'Sherlock Holmes' is landing in our laps!

But how will the creative dynamic duo of Moffat and Gatiss address the now three year old cliffhanger that we were left with in 'His Last Vow'? Will there be stunning, bone-jarring repercussions that will reverberate through the entire series? Or will things be tidily swept under the carpet in the first ten minutes? There's only one way to find out - and that's to jam this podcast straight into your Sony Walk Man and brace yourself for heavy spoilers from the outset!

'The Six Thatchers' review

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