Monday, 21 March 2016

WHINECAST- 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' preview special

The Bat of Gotham! The Son of Krypton! The attempt to beat Marvel at their own game!

That’s right, Warner Bros. and DC are about to roll the dice big style as they attempt to kick start their own interconnected superhero cinematic universe, and despite the ridiculously high profile of DC’s finest, the film represents a big gamble for everyone involved - so WHINECAST is here to talk about the perils and pitfalls of Warner/DC’s grand play.

How much will the film acknowledge ‘Man of Steel’ due to its divided reception? Will Ben Affleck be able to successfully fill the cowl after the much adored Bale/Nolan interpretation? Will Zack Snyder respond to criticisms levelled against his last Superman entry, or stick to his considerable guns?

Join us - as we sit down and theorise about a film that’s got enough pressure on its shoulders to strain even the Man of Steel and The Dark Knight!

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