Sunday, 15 February 2015

The Marvel Vs DC movie mash-up- 'Thor: The Dark World'

It's the final countdown! 

Yes, we're entering the last stages of the Mash-up now, so it's all Marvel, all the time until the release of Age of Ultron in May. But before that we've got the meat of phase two laying before us. This month, we're schmooshing our way back to Asgard for the return of everyone's favourite Thunder God (though not everyone's favourite Asgardian) , and once we're there we'll be asking whether or not the Marvel posse can possibly match the enjoyment of the 2011 original.

It definitely won't be for lack of trying. There's Peter Ecclestone, guest starring as angry elf Malcolm. There's the incarceration (for a bit) of Loki, God of Scene Stealing. Plus, there's a cave full of shoes. Will our bones shake with the thunder of this sequel's awesomeness? Or will The Dark World turn out to be a Dark Moment for Marvel? Tune in and find out!

'Thor: The Dark World' commentary

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