Thursday, 4 December 2014

WHNECAST - The Bond 24 Announcement

Is that a spectre I see upon your shoulder, Mendes? Yes, the spectre of having to live up to the phenomenally successful Skyfall, Dannii Craig's last triumphant outing in Jimmy Bond's tuxedo

So, how is Mendes going to deal with the crushing weight of expectations? Well, we found out today - by enlisting a cast of super cool and super hot people, by getting the Skyfall scribes back on the case and by resurrecting one of the most beloved foes of the Bond franchise from the legal limbo it's inhabited for almost 50 years.

Yep, today saw the announcement of the title for the next Bond, the principal cast and a few tasty snippets of where Craig's era might be headed - and given our long history with the Bond franchise, we couldn't help but get ourselves behind the mic to offer our thoughts.

Just don't mention Blofeld.

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