Sunday, 17 August 2014

'From Whinecast, With Love'

Would ya believe it? WHINECAST is turning three this weekend! Yes, thanks to magic driven app 'Time Hop', we've come face to face with the realisation that we've crept that bit closer to the grave - primarily because we've been doing this wretched project for three delightful years!

We decided that letting this three year anniversary (the most important anniversary) fly by unacknowledged would be a sheer crime, so we decided to go old school, sitting down, flicking on the mic and just seeing what happened. What happened, it turned out, is a massively self indulgent look back through the past three years as we reminisce over our favourite projects, our worst episodes and by finally looking to the future of where we plan to go over the next year and beyond...

Never before has a podcast been so gloriously self-centred!

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