Sunday, 27 July 2014

The Marvel Vs DC movie mash-up- 'Iron Man 2'

They said it would never happen. They said it couldn't be done.

Well, actually, they said neither of those things, but they did wonder if it WOULD be done. Yes, it's a case of better late than never this month on the Mash-up, as we've taken our damn sweet time in getting round to the third entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe because, would you believe it, some of that LIFE went and got in the way! But fear not, we've now found time to retreat into a fantasy world of robotic suits and sexy Machiavellian aliens, so we're finally ready to once again SUIT UP (geddit?) and get behind the mic!

So, this month, it's the second outing for the modest and low key Tony Stark to take to the skies, but this time he's got to deal with a threat greater than any faced thus far in the mash-up - BUSINESS.

As if that weren't enough, we've got malevolent Russians (like there are any other kind LOLZ #xenophobia), office romances, prostitutes (allegedly), senate hearings (like people loved from the Star Wars) and ScarJo looking simply delightful every moment she's onscreen! But is it a case of two many cooks spoiling the broth?

You know what to do!

'Iron Man 2' commentary

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