Saturday, 19 April 2014

Mad Men - 'Time Zones' commentary

Well hello!

Last week saw the return of 'Mad Men' to our TV screens, a show that we at WHINECAST hold with great, great affection. So, with the show finally beginning the first part of its final season, we thought what better way to celebrate than to record a weekly review/discussion/commentary for each episode as it airs, discussing our thoughts on the turbulent life and times of those at 'Sterling Cooper Draper Olsen Pryce is right and Friends'

So, listen in as we debate the show's focus on the final year of the sixties, the impending reign of Nixon, the personas that our various beloved characters erect for themselves and, of course, whether you truly can cure alcoholism by sitting in the cold!

We've taken the commentary approach this time round, but we've gone to pains to make it a podcast you can enjoy just as a discussion if you don't wish to watch along. However, if you're not a fan of the commentary format and feel our future 'Mad Men' centric podcasts should be flat out reviews then be sure to tweet us on @ChrisSykes108 and @billowl and let us know.

We hope you enjoy!

WARNING - As for our recent review of 'The Winter Soldier' we've experienced some audio issues this week with our recording, resulting in there being less clarity than usual. Rest assured, we're looking into new recording equipment and will endeavour to avoid this happening again.

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