Saturday, 29 March 2014

WHINECAST - 'Captain America - The Winter Soldier' review

It's finally time for the Captain to return! Captain Morgan, you ask hopefully? I'm afraid not, this is the more sober, more violent variety, that chap with Tiger Blood running through his veins and a curiosity for the 21st century percolating in his brain!

It's a rare WHINECAST review this time as we're dealing with one of the infrequent occasions where we have seriously different views of the film in question. One of us loves it, the other hates it. Yes, it's time for an audio punch-up, so let's see who comes out bleeding!

'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' review

WARNING - For unknown reasons, the audio on this review isn't quite up to our usual standard, for which we profusely apologise. We hope it doesn't diminish your enjoyment too much and we'll be looking into that unpleasant mystery before we record again

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