Wednesday, 5 December 2012

BlogalongaBond - 'Diamonds Are Forever'

Well chaps, everything that has a beginning has an end and in this instance that means that for All of Whine and Space, BlogalongaBond is finally coming to an end with the very film that set us off on this ridiculous journey all those months ago- the arguably rubbish/fantastic 'Diamonds Are Forever'.

For our final entry we've got cross dressing Blofelds, out of shape Connery's and a gay Dr.Robotnik. After all the madness that this project has brought, it seems fitting that we should end on a film of such frequent insanity.

All that remains to be said is that we at WHINECAST would like to sincerely thank everyone who's listened to these commentaries throughout the last year. We've had a genuine blast doing them, but it's been all the sweeter knowing that people have been listening and enjoying them. Additionally, big thanks go out to The Incredible Suit who really gave us a project that has tested us in all the right ways.

Enough o' this jibber jabba- let's get to it!

Diamonds Are Forever Commentary


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There are some rite diamonds in the rough