Monday, 24 September 2012

The Lost Rewatch Podcast #60 'Par Avion'

Hello there, Losties!

This week's episode marks a historic turning point in the Lost Rewatch Podcast as it is with 'Par Avion' that we actually reach the halfway point of the show! I know, crazy right?

Well, we don't rest on our laurels for too long, because we both have the tricky task of becoming ornithologists to make sure we have all the facts when Claire goes BIRD CRAZY!!!

Additionally, we've got some crackin' stuff with Mikhail's troupe of smugness and of course, Christian Shepherd turns up to prove, if there was any doubt, that you can't keep a playa down.

Par Avion Commentary

WARNING- This episode may feature Christian Shepherd deciding to get a 'PLAYA' tattoo on his torso, but changing his mind when he accidentally meets Claire

ONE MORE THING- Just a quick note to say that we apologise if the sound quality of this week's episode is lower than we usually produce. We were trying out some new equipment and will be back to our usual quality level next week. Many thanks for your patience!