Monday, 13 August 2012

The Lost Rewatch Podcast- 'I Do'

I do, do you?

That's the question on EVERYONE's lips this week as we get down and dirty with the Kate centric 'I Do'. We talk fugitives and stick carvings to the max this week AND we manage to get through the whole thing without making any disturbing chauvinistic remarks about sexy cage sex with Kate, which is quite an accomplishment under the circumstances.

We had a ROCKIN' time recording this week's episode, so we hope you enjoy the hell out of it!

I Do Commentary

WARNING- This episode may feature Kate having unprotected sex with a man that she KNOWS has contracted at least one STI from  sleeping with PROSTITUTES, something he habitually does despite being A) physically good looking and B) so charming that he regularly persuades people to entrust him with thousands of their hard earned dollars. Good one, Kate.