Tuesday, 12 June 2012

BlogalongaTrek- 'Star Trek- The Motion Picture'

So, it begins!

Brainchild of genuine lovelyman @MovieEvangelist, BlogalongaTrek is a bold, daring and quite fruity project! The idea? For a bunch of bloggers and film chatterers to discuss each of the Star Trek films on a monthly basis until the release of the new Trek next year. Hit up http://movieevangelist.wordpress.com/ for more info and, hell, even contribute yourself!

But hold your horses, first, check out our entry for the first film in the franchise, the not exactly amazing 'Star Trek- The Motion Picture'.

Listen, on the edge of your seats, as we gradually push in to a psychedelic nightmare that sounds really entertaining, but in reality is quite the opposite!


Enjoy, and remember- KEEP ON TREKKIN'!!!11!!!1